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Latin American music is in all truth an unsatisfactory term. A blanket term for music that comes from 22 countries in Latin America means the ‘genre’ definition is confused and confusing, incorporating sub genres of music such as salsa and tango, all defined by their spicy rhythmic character. Music of a range of styles like these can be booked from Centre Stage, jazz, latin, blues, soul bands and more for corporate and private events.

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The distinctive Spanish flavour to Latin American music comes from as far back as when the first European settlers arrived in the Americas; Spanish and Portuguese travellers, bringing with them the strong musical element of their cultural heritage making music just as important a part of life as it is in South America. Elements of African music can also be found in the melting pot of musical development at the time, given the rich settlers from Europe brought with them African slaves from West Africa, their spiritual and gospel music also incorporating rhythmic elements of Latin American music to form the very beginnings of jazz.

Latin jazz, is also a confused term, loosely meaning any jazz that incorporates the defining rhythmic elements of Latin American music, but is generally considered to point to a trend in the 60s and 70s, when jazz in general began to be influenced by other genres. Latin jazz is typically played with a straight ‘feel’ as opposed to bebop music as made famous by players like Charlie Parker.

Music has long been an important part of Latin American culture just as it is in Spanish culture. The upbeat nature of the music, and powerful rhythms, make it very danceable, going hand in hand with typically friendly and party centric Latino culture. Its cultural significance means it has long been a culturally uniting factor, especially in Latino communities who find themselves a minority in the society in which they live.

Latin, soul and funk music has long been coveted by record collectors and DJs over the world, DJs like Joey Negro and Kon digging deep into crates far and wide to find rare soul, disco and Latin records, and the likes of Red Gregg, Jeremy Underground and Floating Points slip dazzling rare vinyl grooves into sets on a regular basis.

The Nuyorican Soul project by DJs Louie Vega and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez, created Latin influenced music in, including players such as Tito Puente, Roy Ayers and the Salsoul Orchestra. This orchestra was the backing band for the record label, Salsoul Records, but also released much music successfully under its own name, which has gone on to be sampled in various hip hop tunes, such as 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ and Eric B & Rakim’s ‘Paid in Full’.

Reflecting the wide variety of genres covered by the term ‘Latin American’ music, Centre Stage has just as wide a variety of acts to book for weddings, bar mitzvahs and more. Perhaps booking jazz and soul bands like the Latin Band Singapore or The Burrito Beato Band would be a good bet, or head on over to our musicians page to book bands and entertainment for your next coporate or private event. Get in touch with Centre Stage with any questions or to book any of the groups on 0800 179 9424 or