Indie is a dirty word for Brett Anderson

To coincide with the US release of Rhino Records four disc boxed set, The Brit Box, MTV2 are to are to host five days of “Brit Specials” featuring many of the albums contributors from the period 1984-1997.

To Kick things off Brett Anderson from Suede and Tahita Bulmer from New Pony Club, will be appearing on MTV 2’s Subterranean on Nov 18th, to discuss their contribution to the Album and British music scene.

In a sneak preview of the show, Anderson is asked what kind of images he sees when thinking about indie.

Anderson, in his usual reserved manner says, “Bands that can’t play”. Taken aback the interviewer repeats Andersons answer, and the singer adds, “yeh, and can’t write songs, thats what I think when I think about indie. Indie bands are rubbish”

watch the preview here

What do you think, is Brett Anderson right? Is he just being controversial or is it sour grapes?

Kurt Cobain Film to star James McAvoy

Heavier Than Heaven - book about Kurt CobainFollowing this year’s brilliant biopic of the much troubled Ian Curtis, Control, there is alot of speculation in Hollywood that a new film about the life and times of Nirvana‘s frontman Kurt Cobain is to star James McAvoy, the much accliamed Scottish actor who starred in the Oscar winning The Last King Of Scotland.

Rumours are spreading across the web that the biopic is to be based on the book Heavier than Heaven, a biography of Kurt Cobain written by Charles Cross.

The book is based on hundreds of interviews Kurt Cobain’s unpublished diaries, lyrics, and family photos. Heavier Than Heaven traces Cobain’s life from his early days living in a trailer in Washington, to his rise to adoration and fame, where success, it appears, ultimately killed him.

Cross’s own website states the book drawson “… medical and police reports, and Cobain’s own private writings, Cross also reveals the truth about Cobain’s health struggles, his depression, and his tragic final days.”

Doherty and Winehouse collaboration

It appears that music’s wild ones, the freshly rehabilitated Pete Doherty and the not so rehabilitaed Amy Winehouse,  are to collaborate on some new material. Doherty who was in the XFM studio talking to the radio presenter John Kennedy on the X-Posure show, turned up with Winehouse and her husband Blake Civil-Fielder in tow.

Doherty said that they are working on some new songs together, “1939 Returning” being one of them.

Lets hope that they can keep each other on the straight and narrow, for long enough to lay down some tracks.

Ian Brown right or wrong.

Was Ian Brown right to slag off Kylie?

I agree with much of what Ian Brown said about Kylie, she is not a great singer and her songs are aimed at the younger generation. I also don’t see her as a sex symbol or great looking.

On the other hand she has a fantastic following and many people that i know would disagree with every point. We are all entitled to an opinion.

The problem really is how Brown chose to attack Kylie, in a public place with no possibility of retaliation. Why he chose to slag the miniscule antipodean is also a mystery.

At least he saved the rudest bits for the media only.

Foo Fighters: Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace

Its hard to be critical of a band that has become everyones favourite stadium rockers, but their latest album, Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace, for me falls well short of expectations.

The opening track, The Pretender, is the staple Foo Fighters fare, a heavy guitar driven rock track that opens the aural senses in anticipation of something great about to happen. But frankly that is the stand out track on the album, it goes steadily down hill from there, culminating in the truly awful finale, Home, a soft piano led ballad that should have been left on the studio floor.

The album appears to be a compilation of outtakes and tracks that never made it on to the excellent double  CD In your honour.  To their credit the Foo Fighters are pushing the boundaries and attempting new ideas, but the songwriting is more often than not mediocre and retrospective.  Dave Grohl has mentioned Steely Dan as being a big influence on this album, but its hard to hear exactly where.

The band seem to be in a state of confusion, not sure where they want to be, harking back to the seventies for inspiration in the the 21st century is most certainly not where i would like them to be.