Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise 7″ singles & albums + Tour Dates

Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise
Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise

Thrill Jockey have announced that Tortoise will be playing a string of European live dates this summer. The cool record label will also be re-issuing their first two singles as part of Record Store Day, and six albums throughout 2012 in celebration of Thrill Jockey’s 20th anniversary celebration.

Tortoise Tour Dates 2012

12 May 2012
E-Santiago Compostella, Auditorio Galicia

15 May 2012
E-Madrid, Rock Kitchen, Sublime Shows

16 May 2012
E-Barcelona, Apolo, Sublime Shows

17 May 2012
E-Valencia, Wah Wah
18.5. Fri E-Sevilla, Territorios Festival

2 June 2012
London, Field Day Festival

3 June 2012
MK-Skopje, OFF Fest

4 June 2012
HR-Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture

5 June 2012 München, Feierwerk

6 June 2012
CH-Zürich, Moods

8 June 2012
B-Hasselt, Kunstencentrum Belgie

9 June 2012
E-Tenerife, Próximos Festival

18 July 2012
N-Molde, M. Int. Jazz Festival, Teatret Vart

20 July 2012
N-Tønsberg, Slottsfjellet (open air amphi)

Thrill Jockey re-issue Tortoise 7″ singles for Record Store Day
As part of Record Store Day (April 21st) we will be reissuing of the first two Tortoise singles.  Lonesome Sound was released on Thrill Jockey and features a cover of the Freakwater song of the same name.  Mosquito (also the band’s original name) was released on David Sims’ (Jesus Lizard) Torsion Music label.

These releases feature the original line-up of Douglas McCombs, John Herndon, Bundy K. Brown, John McEntire and Brad Wood!  Both have been re-cut to vinyl by Bob Weston (Shellac) and feature the original fold-over artwork.  Both 7″ sleeves can be put together to form a full four panel poster.

Thrill Jockey re-issue First Two Tortoise 7″ singles

Lonesome Sound 7″
1. Lonesome Sound
2. Reservoir
3. Sheets

Mosquito 7″
1. Mosquito
2. Gooseneck

Thrill Jockey re-issue Six Tortoise Albums
Thrill Jockey will be reissuing the following Tortoise albums throughout 2012. The releases will be spread out over the year, to coincide with the 20th Anniversary celebrations.  20th Anniversary LP Limited re-issues on CD & digital download:

It’s All Around You
Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Beacons of Ancestorship

For more information visit the Thrill Jockey Tortoise website page.


Necro Deathmort – experimental acid industrial dub metal

Necro Deathmort - Music of Bleak Origin on Distraction Records
Necro Deathmort - Music of Bleak Origin

Necro Deathmort return with a second album Newcastle’s finest label, Distraction Records.

Music of Bleak Origin is released on July 4th 2011.  The CD release comes in a heavy duty plastic sleeve containing a double-sided 18-panel poster on woodfree stock by Dominic Hailstone, the man responsible for Mogwai’s Batcat & Isis’ Holy Tears promo videos and the unsettling creature effects in Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy video.

Two years on from their debut album, This Beat Is Necrotronic, Necro Deathmort are still fusing industrial noise and death metal strands of gothic proportions with drone rock and electronica acid squelches.

The result is dark, gloomy, foreboding and definitely not for anyone looking for a sing-a-long chorus to accompany a pleasant journey from a to b.

The album opens with Jaffanaut, all crunchy fuzz, cathedral buzz and a slice of dubstep squelch thrown in for good measure.  The album then kicks into gear with In Binary with its walls of wails and stadium drone and vocals, low down and echoing in the mix as if fighting to be heard at all..  Temple Of Juno and Űberlord continue the pace with strong, solid beats and subwoofer-baiting hooks, before the machine-gun pulse and loud crackle-and-hum of For Your Own Good pushes on and pulls you in.

With Devastating Vector the album moves onwards and upwards with a livelier dance drumbeat. The bass still throbbing, guitar still churning and industrial noises still present, it comes to life with robotic and acid bleeps.  These extra layers open up a lighter, more accessible channel for the music. Three-and-a-half minutes pass before the music drops completely and Devastating Vector takes on an amazing dubstep industrial drone.  I love this track.

The acid theme continues as Devastating Vector seamlessly drifts into the Joey Beltram-esque Blizzard. This is the most accessible and ‘dance’ oriented track on the album as the death metal element is nowhere to be seen, replaced instead by heavy use of a phaser and more acid bleeps. Enjoying Blizzard as much as Devastating Vector and possibly falling into a false sense of security I’m thinking the final two tracks are going to keep the industrial monster at bay.

Track 8 – The Heat Death Of Everything is a very apt title as acid whimpers are finally put to sleep and the slow death metal monster awakes with a migraine! Listening to this drone paints a clear picture of everything falling into eternal death.  Slow pending drumbeat, throbbing bass chords, gutter screams and nihilistic doom.  Purgatory from Dante’s Inferno is put to music!

Moon is the final track on the album.  A slow, warm burning track that completes a soundtrack that started at the beginning, before something was awoken and disturbed from slumber.  Like a classic film narrative, Moon, with its slowly creeping drone-infused overtones returns the story to equilibrium, bring the album to a close and silence.

Music of Bleak Origin is not going to appeal to the masses.  The album is powerful, a nightmare of the darkest and geandest scale and plays like a filmscore or a death metal opera.

Necro Deathmort – Music of Bleak Origin tracklisting:
1.    Jaffanaut
2.    In Binary
3.    Temple Of Juno
4.    Űberlord
5.    For Your Own Good
6.    Devastating Vector
7.    Blizzard
8.    The Heat Death Of Everything
9.    Moon

Necro Deathmort is Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson.

Music of Bleak Origin by Necro Deathmort is released as a limited CD album (1000 only) and digital download on Distraction Records.


For more information visit Necro Deathmort’s Facebook page.

page or Distraction Records website.



10th Harmonic – Truth = Lie EP Review

10th Harmonic - Truth = Lie EP

Truth = Lie EP – 10th Harmonic Release 10th March

Buzzin Media are delighted to review 10th Harmonic aka Sondre Saetaberget a 15 year old from Norway who has just released his very first EP ‘Truth = Lie’ including two other tracks ‘Awakening’ and ‘Paranoia’ – out now on cdbaby. 10th Harmonic describes himself quite simply as someone who loves creating, performing and producing music.

10th Harmonic began writing songs back in October 2009 however, he had attempted song writing before that in the genre of Alternative Rock, but had not actually completed a song. 10th Harmonics main influence at that time was the band Muse.

Since then he has found himself getting inspired by more and more music, with many influences. This young man is without doubt a very talented and gifted young musician, especially as he works alone and creates his music from Songwriting, Performing, Recording, Producing, Mixing and Mastering, which is a huge achievement any musician would be proud of, let alone that of  a 15 year old, which you can hear in this track ‘Truth=Lie’


I first heard 10th Harmonics music on Soundcloud earlier last year and was extremely impressed, especially with his guitar playing and I can recall being very surprised when I discovered he was only 14 years of age. Here is another track ‘Eternal Sleep’ from his Soundcloud profile, that clearly exhibits 10th Harmonic’s skills as a young musician.


10th Harmonic Live

10th Harmonic has an eclectic range of positive influences including Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Muse, Genesis, Van Der Graaf, RöyksoppBeethoven , Chopin Rachmaninoff, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, Dream Theater, Susanne Sundfør, Moddi, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Thom Yorke, along with other Soundcloud artists who have been offering him support and guidance including, DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER, GEM/ecopro, Electricfusion, Archimedes, The Association, Pete “Peachy” Watson, Kibeja, Literate Wolves, Eyebrowz, Moodwing and Jase Munn amongst many others.

I am sure you will agree that this young musician has a gift and Buzzin Media are without doubt he will continue to write and produce music successfully for many years to come.  We will definitely continue to watch out for his progress and continue supporting this talented young artist in the future and would recommend a purchase of this brilliant EP.

You can buy 10th Harmonic Truth = Lie EP here:

You can hear more of 10th Harmonic here on Soundcloud:

Buzzin Media on Soundcloud:



Be-Bop Deluxe and Beyond – Bill Nelson ITV Legends Concert, March 26, London

Bill Nelson, leader of pop art bands Be-Bop Deluxe and Red Noise
Bill Nelson photo: Martin Bostock

On March 26th ITV films a special concert at Metropolis Studios in London, featuring guitar legend Bill Nelson, leader of pop art bands Be-Bop Deluxe and Red Noise.

Bill Nelson left high profile music some years back, due to his dislike of the music industry machine.  However, his influence is immense.  Admired by Paul McCartney, Brian May, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Eno, Prince, The Foo Fighters, The Darkness, My Chemical Romance among others.

Through conversations with Bill I’ve put this beginners’ guide to the enigma that is Bill Nelson together, as a prelude to this unique concert which still has a few seats available.

Bill Nelson’s celebrity career started with 1970’s Art School band Be-Bop Deluxe, where he had considerable success with classic albums like Futurama, Sunburst Finish and Drastic Plastic.  By the mid 1970’s Be-Bop Deluxe were conquering America although Bill’s dislike for the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle was revealed in his lyrics:

“This jet age life is getting worse, I feel I’m half a universe away…, I left my home some time ago, To fight the creatures of the U.S.A…, You tell me that this neon world is free…, You say this is the place I ought to be…, The time has come for me to go…, You say it’s fast but it’s feeling slow today…”
(Lost in the Neon World – from the album Modern Music).

It was time for a change and Bill disbanded Be-Bop Deluxe and formed Red Noise, a synth / new age band that was considered way ahead of its time, paving the way for 1980’s acts like Gary Numan, A Flock of Seagulls and many others.

Red Noise’s music was jagged and edgy and EMI dropped Bill Nelson at this point since he refused to perform ‘more of the same’.  It was shortly after this time that Bill was a pioneer in what we would now call Indie music, releasing albums made in his own studio on his own ‘Cocteau’ record label.  Many of these home-made creations were of superior quality to what others have created in the most professional of recording studios.

At various points since this, Nelson has dabbled with the music industry, having had recording deals with Mercury and CBS, but his heart is more within the inventor’s domain, locked in his home studio.   He has produced a more or less continuous stream of music in several different genres over the last twenty years.  Much of it can be accessed through Bill Nelson’s website ‘Dreamsville’.

His latest works are mostly lush ambient soundscapes although he is still not averse to churning out a 3 minute pop classic that would leave any of the X Factor great pretenders in the shade.  He will be mixing old with new at the ITV Legends concert in London on Saturday March 26th, performing a set which includes a wide range of Be-Bop Deluxe material, Red Noise and his later collaborations with the late Mick Karn of Japan, plus a few hedonistic sonic soundscapes from his more recent work.

Check out the concert details if you want to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.  I wrote a personal cameo about Bill Nelson in the book Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll, as he is a master of continuous creativity and reinvention.

For more information about Peter Cook:  The Rock’n’Roll Business Guru, visit The Academy Of Rock.



Bearsuit – album news, single/video release and tour dates

When Will I Be Queen - Bearsuit
When Will I Be Queen - Bearsuit

A dramatic new line up and fierce new electronic sounds are promised from Bearsuit with the release of their eagerly awaited album The Phantom Forest which will be released on March 14th.

As a taster of what to now expect from the Norwich based five piece can be heard on the latest single When Will I Be Queen? which will be available through Fortuna POP! on February 28th as 7″ vinyl or digital download.

Quirky schizophrenic vocals, coupled with killer beats, filthy bass and synths, When Will I Be Queen? finds Bearsuit in superb form with what could easily be construed as a topical song that is definitely not aimed at Kate Middleton!

The album Phantom Forest promises a fierce new sound from the band who have swapped violins, flutes and horns for dirty synths, urgent guitars and infectious beats in the light of a dramatic line-up change.

New recruits are Charlene Katuwawala on bass and keyboards and Joe Naylor on drums, they join existing members Iain Ross, Lisa Horton and Jan Robertson, effectively giving the band an option of five vocalists to compliment the new musical direction.

Bearsuit – When Will I Be Queen?


The disco-synth debut single Please Don’t Take Him Back was playlisted on BBC 6Music in October, as well as being hotly tipped in the music press including Artrocker. Weeks later and their second release A Train Wreck was rated an NME Top 10 Download and Track of the Day at Clash Magazine.

Bearsuit lead into 2011 having secured a profile spot on the upcoming SXSW Festival in Texas for Huw Stephens Radio 1 showcase. The band have previously supported the likes of Crystal Castles, You Say Party! and Hot Chip, but will headline their own UK tour in March.

Bearsuit live dates:

Feb 25 – The Labour Club, Northampton

Feb 26 – 100 Club, London (London Indie-Pop Fest featuring Monochrome Set) SOLD OUT

Feb 27 – The Hope, Brighton

March 4 – Head of Steam, Newcastle Upon Tyne

March 5 – The Tunnels, Aberdeen

March 6 – Glasgow, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

March 7 – Norwich Arts Centre

March 8 – The Well, Leeds

March 9 – The Haymakers, Cambridge

March 10 – Boileroom, Guildford

March 11 – The Railway Inn, Winchester

March 12 – The Cavern, Exeter

March 13 – The Harley, Sheffield

March 15 – SXSW Festival, Austin Texas

March 16 – SXSW Festival, Austin Texas

March 17 – SXSW Festival, Austin Texas

March 18 – SXSW Festival, Austin Texas

March 19 – SXSW Festival, Austin Texas

April 2 – The Windmill, London