Kapil Seshasayee – Big Black collides with Fuck Buttons

Kapil Seshasayee
Kapil Seshasayee

Occupying a space somewhere between the avant-garde and progressive alternative rock, Kapil Seshasayee is carving a name for himself in the air around him, emitting sound waves that dominate the low end and pierce the high. Kapil Seshasayee is one man, surrounding himself in a cocoon of noise that’s both exhilarating to hear and fascinating to watch.

His forthcoming Crimes EP, ponders the nature of religion and asks those who listen if they are following a tradition for ethical reasons or because they’re so desperate for a place in paradise, they’re willing to get there by any means possible.

Kapil Seshasayee - Crimes EP
Kapil Seshasayee - Crimes EP

It’s a weighty theme made even heavier by Kapil’s growling, distorted guitar backed up by intense drum loops as well as improvised percussion which brings to mind the later work of Scott Walker as well as the distinctive sound of Big Black and Fuck Buttons. It’s an intense experience that’s not to be taken lightly, but will enlighten those who decide to venture into the sonic wilderness.


From Glasgow, Kapil Seshasayee has created something more complex than the average singer songwriter. He’s supported the likes of Dead Rider, Screaming Females and Alright The Captain, and will be heading out on two UK tours before the end of the year, one supporting this EP and the following supporting his forthcoming single, Brazen.

He is one man, not many as is often assumed, making the loudest noise he can onstage and on record.

Kapil Seshasayee releases Crimes EP is released via An Automaton Records on 7th August 2015.

Grungy punk girls Feature new video for ‘Wisdom Teeth’

London grungy punk girl trio Feature have unveiled their new video for ‘Wisdom Teeth‘ directed by Maria Cecilia


Maria says, “When I was approached to make a video for Feature, the band asked me if I could make it about “Jen’s weird hands doing things”. Basically it’s an in-joke taken a bit too far, something I’m always going to get behind. I really wanted to add some old school effects – making it a quite absurd and surreal without being too serious. Also apparently it’s almost the exact same set up as the the Disney film Frozen? Haha. Oops.”

The band say of the video,

“Jen’s twiglet fingers are a constant source of wonder to us; They’re always there in the corner of our eye, resting majestically on objects, creeping across tables or wrapped around drumsticks. We felt now was their time to shine”.

Feature are a punk band from London. Having already released two EP’s (‘Memory’ on Cazenove Tapes in 2012, and the acclaimed ‘Culture of the Copy’ on Tye Die Tapes in early 2014), they joined up with tour buddies Slowcoaches for the ‘Tourists’ split EP, which gets a cassette release on April 27th via Unwork Records (COP, USA Nails, Los Cripis, Major Malfunction).

Last month, a compilation of both EPs came out on Brisbane label Ruined Smile, and the trio have releases on Art For Blind and Soft Power Records later this year, as well as currently writing an album, due 2016. The band did a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music last year, plus a Bowlegs session, and have supported the likes of Protomartyr, Cheatahs, Mazes, TRAAMS, Joey Fourr, Verity Susman and Chain and the Gang. Jen also plays in Sauna Youth and Monotony, Heather also plays in Slowcoaches and Human Form. Liv feels lazy.

FeatureWisdom Teeth’ is taken from the Tourists EP (a split with Slowcoaches), released 27th April via Unwork Records.

Feature UK & European Live Dates:

Friday 17th April – The Stillery, London w/ Super Luxury (free)

Saturday 2nd May – Odd Box Records Weekender, The Shacklewell Arms, London w/ Slowcoaches, Joey Fourr, The Fish Police and more

Friday 8th May – Gullivers, Manchester w/ Gorgeous Bully

Monday 11th May – Oslo, Hackney w/ Cheatahs & No Joy

Friday 29th May – Berlin, Germany w/ DIÄT

Saturday 3rd October – The 9th Annual Nottingham Pop All-dayer, The Maze, Nottingham w/ Witching Waves and more

The Capture Effect announce debut EP, Frequencies

The Capture Effect debut EP, Frequencies
The Capture Effect

The Capture Effect announce the release of their debut EP, Frequencies, due for release on 23rd March 2015 via Free Radio.

To celebrate the release of their forthcoming EP, The Capture Effect are giving away EP track ‘London’s Burning‘ for free.


On Frequencies the London based five-piece have created intense rock music, spliced with electro-synth sound waves, bridged neatly by a compelling narrative told through provocative lyrical content. Each track tells an individual story as the band touch on myriad of topical subjects, both unique to the individual and to society as a whole.

First track ‘SKYwave’ charts the phone hacking scandal of 2011 with sampled news reports combined with up tempo fuzzy synth to transcend breakneck drumbeats and affected vocals. ‘Lies and False Signals’ sees the band focus on more personal subject matter as the track follows the end of a broken relationship. Guitars screech and samples soar as the vocals take centre stage here, emotive and passionate, as the band come together as one to produce an impressively big sound.

Featuring Iain Littlemore (guitar, vocals), Adam Parr (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), Andy Malliff (bass, samples, backing vocals) and Stuart Roberts (drums), the band formed in summer 2014 after an extensive writing period together. Inspired by a shared love of Nirvana, Bloc Party, Biffy Clyro, The Clash and all things David Fincher, The Capture Effect set about writing music that built upon these influences while maintaining a sound very much their own. Indeed their name and the idea of incorporating news reports and samples in their songs came about after an amp picked up a live radio broadcast during rehearsal. The phenomenon is known as ‘The Capture Effect’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

Frequencies by The Capture Effect is due for release on 23rd March 2015 via Free Radio.

Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society – The Gentlemen’s Club 10” EP

The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society
The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society

I first saw Stuart Turner perform a solo acoustic support to The Spitfire Three at The Command House in Chatham, one of the Medway Towns, some years ago now.  The night also included singer-songwriter Kris Dolomore, also playing solo and acoustic.  All three performances played homage to the blues; and what struck me then about Stuart Turner was his use of chord structures – not a straight, obvious and somewhat tedious appreciation of the blues, but one with a less common, interesting twist.

That night he stole my attention.  And if to compliment his chord structures, Stuart sang with the deepest, gravel-infested sore and jagged voice I had ever heard sung live.  Think Howlin’ Wolf and Brian Blessed in a meat raffle. Got it?  Then consider how the most mild-mannered, quietly spoken individual can perform with such a deep, powerful voice without the need for throat lozenge sponsorship.

Stuart Turner has continued to impress and grow his audience over the past few years with the charmingly titled Flat Earth Society.  They play a lo-fi garage folk blues with dirt on its wheels and a monkey or two on its back. Not for the clean shaven or pseudo-folk fans of Mumford & Sons, this is down and gritty music for real men who drink real ale.

The Gentlemen’s Club is a four track 10” vinyl only release, their second EP, that was originally planned as an accompaniment to their recently released third album, The Art and Science of Phrenology. But for one reason and another it was delayed and now finds itself getting an official standalone release.

Stuart conducts, growls and plays guitar on all songs but ‘Pier Road’, which is written and sung by Rob Shepherd, while he also picks a beautiful sounding banjo and strums the mandolin. Bob Collins adds gusto and electric guitar. While Nick Rice (bass) and Steven Moore (drums) create a tight rhythm section.

Midlife Catharsis carries a country rock vibe, more uptempo than the others; and has me thinking of Captain Beefheart in an ‘Ice Cream For Crows’ moment. There’s an offbeat, wackiness about this that I love. Brilliant!  I really love this song. It has a great catchy tune, lovely twanging banjo that work perfectly with the guitars; and Stuart’s vocals pull the whole thing together perfectly.

Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society perform blues drenched country folk songs with deep-crusted feeling with meaningful and heartfelt stories that have them shine brightly with a distinctive sound all of their own.

The Gentlemen’s Club by Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society is available as a 10” vinyl only release on Vacilando ’68 recordings and is available from www.stfes.com & www.vacilando68.org.

Side 1:
Midlife Catharsis

Side 2:
Pier Road


Lily & Madeleine – The Weight of the Globe debut ep

Asthmatic Kitty are delighted to announce the debut release from Lily and Madeleine. The Weight of the Globe sounds like something out of another age, not the work of sisters, Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz, a pair of slight teenagers with singing voices that are assured and worldly, born less than two decades ago.  No wonder that, on the strength of the viral video performance of the song “In the Middle” (which racked up an unexpected quarter of a million youtube hits), Lily & Madeleine managed to sell out the first two live shows of their career.

Written by over the course of their summer vacation, the EP is a musical snapshot of Lily and Madeleine at a pivotal moment in their lives.  Both sisters find themselves pulled in two directions—between a love for the hometown they’ll be leaving behind and their burgeoning wanderlust, turning their backs on the comforts of the past to step into an uncertain future.

Their songs are very much about the experience of growing up in Indianapolis, but they could be about anywhere. When they sing about “the mountain,” they could be singing about any mountain; the “city” could be any city. And the openendedness of Lily & Madeleine’s songwriting is very much intentional. They know they’re not the first young people to come of age in Middle America, or in the middle of anyplace, and songs like “In the Middle” attempt to tell a universal story, one that could take place a hundred years in the past or a hundred years in the future, anywhere in the world. Madeleine’s voice may be lovely and soft, but its worldliness and focus are something one would expect of a much older woman; her younger sister’s voice, paradoxically, is clearer and worldlier still.

Each song on The Weight of the Globe was written as a discrete, self-contained folk pop statement, but thanks to the almost real-time circumstances of recording it, the EP holds together like a collection of interconnected short stories. It’s as sincere as it is sophisticated—and it marks the auspicious debut of a spectacularly talented musical family.


Lily & Madeleine debut ep – The Weight of the Globe is scheduled for release on Asthmatic Kitty on 11th June.

You can also listen to ‘Back to the River’.