The Love Family – When Time Meant Nothing EP

The Love Family - When Time Meant Nothing EP

The Love Family release a new EP, When Time Meant Nothing, with all four songs about growing up in the Medway Towns in the 1980’s.

When Time Meant Nothing‘ – the lead track from The Love Family EP of the same name, delivers a no nonsense antithesis of prog rock – no thrills, wanky solo or pretentious showmanship.

The songs are produced stripped of over exuberance or false tones of excitement.  One vocal, two guitars, bass and drums. This works with, rather than against, the vocal delivery and intensity of the music. It was recorded in Newington at Squarehead Studios with Rob Wilkes.

The music drives a steady, constant speed against the alt rock hard-shoulder, with its post-punk spirit driven by solid, hard, powerful drone-like guitars, effortlessly powering the song like a tugboat against the effervescent commercial tide of X Factor-esque fizzy pop dirge.

The Love Family – When Time Meant Nothing EP tracklist:
When Time Meant Nothing
Missing Out Friday
Your Blood

The Love Family – When Time Meant Nothing EP is available as a limited CD & digital download.  Follow The Love Family on social media via  Facebook and Twitter.

Gold Panda ‘Your Good Times Are Just Beginning’ EP

Gold Panda
Gold Panda

After the release of his third album ‘Good Luck And Do Your Best’ in May, followed by a year of worldwide live shows, a surprise EP release (June’s ‘Kingdom’ EP) and the release of a photography book in collaboration with London-based photographer Laura Lewis, Gold Panda ends 2016 with a new EP and a headline show at London’s Oval Space on December 6th.

The ‘Your Good Times Are Just BeginningEP is released this Friday 18th November via City Slang and features remixes by Fort Romeau, John Roberts & Daisuke Tanabe.

Filmed in Norwich Arts Centre by Robbie Knox, the video was edited by and features imagery from Gold Panda’s touring visual artist Dan Tombs, who has also worked with the likes of East India Youth, Jon Hopkins and Blanck Mass and has spent the majority of this year touring with and developing the Gold Panda live show.

The ‘Your Good Times Are Just Beginning’ EP will be available as a 6 track collection both digitally and on CD and also as a limited edition 3 track 12″ featuring the key remixes. The digital and CD six-track collection is led by the elegiac, hopeful final track from his album ‘Your Good Times Are Just Beginning’, an emotional masterpiece pieced together from heart-tugging piano stabs and soulful trumpets. The song is backed up with a re-imagining of album highlight ‘Chiba Nights’ that is flipped into ‘Chiba Days’, plus three remixes of music taken from his latest LP by a talented and varied cast.

Having previously re-worked the Gold Panda track ‘Community’, Berlin-resident Fort Romeau once again takes the reigns with a gorgeous, nine-minute pulsing, percussion driven recreation of the track ‘Time Eater’ complete with ghostly synth motifs that twirl around Japanese instrumentation culminating in a frenetic release. US producer John Roberts, who himself released one of the best deep house records of the year, remixes ‘Chiba Nights’, transforming it into a thumping, acid-tinged affair that mixes space and warped electronics beautifully.

Finally, the contemplative ‘Song For A Dead Friend’ is taken on by Japanese musician Daisuke Tanabe, whose wide ranging musical influences of electronica, folk and jazz all come to bear on this track. Radically different to the two that run prior to it on the 12”, it’s more akin to the likes of Boards of Canada and Plaid, as it slowly ebbs to a wistful conclusion over three different musical phases. The final track on the ‘Your Good Times Are Just Beginning ’EP is a cover of ‘Time Eater’ by the Korean-based duo Sssigghborggg that also features the talents of Luna who performing the traditional Korean stringed instrument, gayageum on the track. The gorgeous, slightly eerie take on the original is rooted in post rock but has a unique beauty all to itself, as it unfurls to a dense, math-rock psychedelic jam.

As well as this, Gold Panda has also recently released a photography book with London-based photographer Laura Lewis entitled ‘Good Look And Do Your Best’, which is the counterpart to his highly acclaimed recent album of the same name. The pair set out to capture the rich sounds, moods and colours of suburban Japan that they had fallen so in love with during a trip in 2014, which became a catalyst for the record. It is available at selected shops and online via Bandcamp.

Gold Panda – Your Good Times Are Just Beginning digital release & CD track list:
01 Your Good Times are Just Beginning
02 Chiba Days
03 Time Eater (Fort Romeau remix)
04 Song for a Dead Friend (Daisuke Tanabe remix)
05 Chiba Nights (John Roberts remix) (link)
06 Time Eater (Ssighborggg feat. Luna re-cover)

Gold Panda – Your Good Times Are Just Beginning 12” vinyl track list:
A1 Time Eater (Fort Romeau remix)
B1 Chiba Nights (John Roberts remix) (link)
B2 Song For A Dead Friend (Daisuke Tanabe remix)

Gold Panda Live:
Nov 26th – Neon Lights Festival, Singapore SI
Dec 6th – Oval Space, London UK


The Frisbys’ release second EP The Cause on Dantobaccus Records

The Frisbys’ beautiful EP The Cause is out now via Dantobaccus Records
The Frisbys’ beautiful EP The Cause is out now via Dantobaccus Records

The Frisbys’ beautiful second EP The Cause is out now via Dantobaccus Records.

The six-piece have gone from strength to strength since the release of their debut EP Philosolve two years ago, evolving their sound along the way and, as the band have grown, so has their music. The Cause reflects this perfectly with its collection of stunning stand-out tracks that will resonate with you for days.

The Frisbys have also released two videos for their double A-side single Born and Raised / Give in to the Dark


The Frisbys describe Give in to the Dark as a hopeful song about supporting a loved one through dark times and Born and Raised as “light hearted and upbeat…almost a countrified version of ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC”. The other tracks on the EP carry a similar theme and are filled with utterly stunning harmonies and musicianship throughout. If you’re looking for something to warm you up this Winter then this EP will definitely do the trick.

Helen and Nicola have been singing and playing music together since they were old enough to speak. Having performed as a duo for many years honing their incredible vocal harmonies, it took a boredom call from a broken-legged Marc Robinson (piano, guitar) to convince them to start a full band. The three were joined by Sam Keer (acoustic/electric/slide guitar), and later, Will Cattermole (bass) and Tom Finigan (drums). They have been producing haunting and emotive music ever since.

Reverieme – Or Else The Light, EP Review

Reverieme - Or Else The Light, EP
Reverieme - Or Else The Light, EP

Young singer-songwriter Reverieme’s EP ‘Or Else The Light’ is a beautifully delicate selection of songs you will be immediately swept away by. If not by her voice, then it will be from the intricate musicianship or, failing that, Reverieme’s distinctive songwriting skills.


Tracks such as ‘Venus’, ‘Plankton’ and ‘Outside’ give an instant feel of where Reverieme (aka Louise Connell) is going to take the EP; filling the tracks with beautiful imagery, soft acoustic melodies and warm, captivating vocals.

Other tracks on the EP take a much darker form in terms of songwriting whilst still managing to create a sense of effortlessness and warmth. Tracks such as ‘Outside’ and ‘Nocturnal Babe’ deal with extremely emotive and difficult subjects in a beautifully intricate manner that will set your mind wandering for miles.

Other stand out songs include ‘Golem’, which is one of Reverieme’s more upbeat tracks on the EP. You really get to hear Louise’s Scottish roots come through in her voice on this track as well as getting a chance to see more of a sense of fondness in her songwriting.

All in all, ‘Or Else The Light’ is an absolute delight to listen to but, it’s also an EP that needs to be listened to all the way through respectively. The sheer amount of emotion and delicacy that has gone into this record should be appreciated from start to finish. So, sit down, relax and enjoy.

Reverieme – Or Else The Light track listing:
2. Plankton
3. Outside
4. Golem
5. Nocturnal Babe
6. Datun
7. His

Or Else The Light’ by Reverieme (aka Louise Connell) is out now via 9th Story Records.

Outblinker – Pink/Blue, EP Review

Outblinker debut EP, Pink/Blue
Outblinker debut EP, Pink/Blue

Outblinker are doing something extraordinary with their debut EP, Pink/Blue. I can’t really think of many other bands doing at the moment, besides Fuck Buttons (who have connections to the band). They’ve created a sound that is truly mesmerising to listen to, and it will make you want to stand up and take notice.

EP Pink/Blue comprises of two eleven and twelve minute tracks packed full of pure instrumentation. The four-piece bring together sounds of electro, krautrock and new-wave to create their own unique blend experimental rock. And we cannot get enough of it.


‘Pink’ begins with a repetitive, mesmerising synth melody before some serious guitar distortion comes into the mix along with some pretty erratic drum beats. Together, these sounds create eleven minutes of organised mayhem that sounds good in all the right places. Second track ‘Blue’ comes across as the slightly less aggressive of the two, although it still manages to make its own mark, but with a more cinematic bent.


Whatever we say about this EP probably won’t do it justice, but we would urge you to go and check it out for yourself. If you’re a fan of Holy Fuck or Fuck Buttons then this is definitely going to be right up your street.

Outblinker – Pink/Blue EP Tracklisting:

1. Pink
2. Blue