New single & album from electro pop duo Me And My Drummer

Berlin based electro pop duo Me And My Drummer
Berlin based electro pop duo Me And My Drummer

Berlin based electro pop duo Me And My Drummer are set to release second single, Pentonville Road,  from their forthcoming album Love Is A Fridge, out February 12th 2016 via Sinnbus.

Pentonville Road is “about a woman is looking into a photo album and she sees all the snapshots of a past relationship. Photos of places they have been together and of people the two have met – it’s about that sentimental feeling you get when you look back to a time that is over,” say the band.

New album Love is a Fridge is ten perfect tracks nothing short of an electropop masterpiece as Matze Pröllochs and Brandi traverse a wide and varied soundscape. Her vocals are stronger than ever, enough to match the soulful electropop tones of Florence Welch or Jessie Ware. An album that musically covers a huge range of styles and ideas maintaining its bold feel and flavour for experimentation all the way through. If you imagine Bat For Lashes meets Lykki Li you’re close, but there’s something somewhat celestial about Me And My Drummer that sets them apart.

Love is a Fridge is due for release on February 12th 2016 via Sinnbus.

Watch Me And My Drummer’s video for the previous single Blue Splinter View


I Am In Love release new single, Palm

Formed in Leicester in December 2010, Sebastian Twigden, Nicci Robertson, Edmund Grunill and Martin Brien create dark, to the heart, electro indie pop music. I Am In Love.

I Am In Love released a debut mini-album in May, across mainland Europe on Velocity Sounds Records and Rough Trade, which received coverage in a number of big European music magazines such as Intro, Rockstar, Musikexpress, Zillo and Orkus.

Live, I Am In Love is driven by soaring vocal melodies and entwined with harmonious synths, spiky guitar riffs and pulsating Bloc Party-esque drum motifs. I Am In Love, played over 50 shows and festivals in 2011, ramming venues from London to Berlin and winning over massive crowds at prestigious festivals such as Summer Sundae Weekender, Y Not, Kendal Calling and Munich Theatron. I am in Love are one of the most exciting bands in the country. Pulsating stares, lustful lunges and unruly shrieks are all part of the package. Space is compromised for a haven of lust and desire.

2012 has seen the band play rammed shows at 93 Feet East Old Blue Last as well as abroad in Austria and Switzerland, including supporting Phantogram in Lucerne Switzerland.

They return to the Old Blue Last to launch new single ‘Palm’ on 1st May.


I Am In Love are set to release digital download, Palm on Velocity Sounds on 1st June 2012


The Unkindness of Ravens – electro indie rock

The Unkindness of Ravens new double A-side single Virus | Viper
The Unkindness of Ravens

Underground electro band The Unkindness of Ravens new double A-side, Virus/Viper is a preview to their debut album, due out sometime in 2012. The Unkindness of Ravens is Nina Wagner and Ben Raine, the single has elements of The White Stripes with a darker, sexier side to it.

The first track Virus uses Nina’s sultry tones over Ben’s simple hooks, mixed with a beat to make you unable to do anything but get up and move. The repetition of the line “you have to be the cure” creates an almost out-of-body experience, and you find yourself nodding along and agreeing within seconds.

The slightly more melodic track Viper is just as haunting. It’s a confident, in-your-face piece, with Ben’s vocals complementing Nina’s at crucial moments.

Having spent early 2011 writing, recording and touring Germany, the duo then returned to the UK in order to produce this razor-sharp double A-side. Since releasing singles including Dead Air and White Road, the band have received excellent reviews, and have been covered by magazines such as Rock Sound and Artrocker.

This is no clean, simple electro pop sound. It’s dark, it’s dirty, and it’s downright captivating. After just one listen, it’s easy to see why they’ve been described as ‘The Kills on acid”! With such a soulful yet futuristic taster of what’s to come, it’ll leave you on tenterhooks for the albums release.


The Unkindness of Ravens return with a brand new double A-side single Virus | Viper was released on 3rd October 2011 via Sonic Fire Records.


Introducing Austerlitz – electro-indie music from Paris

Austerlitz debut album - electro-indie music from Paris
Austerlitz debut album - electro-indie music from Paris

Austerlitz are a three-piece electro indie pop music band from Paris. They released their self-titled debut album on June 27th, 2011.

Virtuosic keyboard lines, intricate bass work, a typically French vocal irreverence that moves from the soft through strident and soaring to sporadic bayings of raw emotion all combine to create a devastating and freely intelligent alternative from our brothers across la Manche.

The 11 tracks on Austerlitz’s debut album are propelled by a simple engine. Powerhouse drums, deft bass lines and lead singer Gil Charvet’s distinctive vocal delivery. Opener Walking Into The Fire combines the above with the most hypnotic of 5/4 keyboard hooks, a fistful of key changes and the kind of pupil-dilating chorus others would surely covet.


The band’s manifesto reads: “Man is asymmetrical, nature is asymmetrical, this century will be asymmetrical and so will its music.Forget about the bar lines and escape, it’s more than a creed or a mission, it’s a duty.”

And there’s definitely a commitment to pushing boundaries on Austerlitz that manages to err on the side of innovation for the sake of the work rather than innovation for innovation’s sake. From cerebral time signatures, myriad key changes and angular, almost faltering drums to the subject matter of songs like Rotten Ears: “I know it’s not your fault, You were probably born with it, And maybe your parents were just got the same, And you’re doing well by the way, Do what you can, It’s not your fault, If you have rotten ears”, Austerlitz’s self-awareness and commitment to development casts them as a French alternative, if not musically, to the almost military organisation of so many of Britain’s punk forefathers.

Lyrically Charvet’s adoptive English manages to convey the same sense of pathos and urgency Phoenix’s Thomas Mars does so well. Behind a seeming simplicity there hide the kind of evocative abstractions and word choices that simply wouldn’t occur to a native English-speaker. It actually works quite brilliantly and Charvet’s vocals easily match the incredibly high level of musicianship on Austerlitz blow for blow, the almost synthetically smooth vocal production meanwhile glues the often asymmetrical, angular whole together.

Austerlitz charts a definite and nearly classical progression in its make up: from an opening exposition of Austerlitz’s sonic arsenal making use of complex instrumentation which then drops out through the record’s central portion allowing the three-piece to rock in an angular and occasionally discordant way that’s always impressive. As the album develops the sonic sphere spreads out again, keyboards and synths return alongside electronic drum samples whilst a developing production takes hold of the Austerlitz blueprint and pushes it and pushes it into something quite new.

In Austerlitz’ own words: “A wave of rebellion must wreak havoc on the rock
scene: it must become wild again so it can emerge from this era of glaciation and formulae”.
Make of that what you will.



We Are Enfant Terrible’s irresistible ‘Filthy Love’ single/ video

Filthy Love is the infectious new single from We Are Enfant Terrible which is released on March 28th on Last Gang Records.

The track is an irresistible slice of infectious 8-bit electro-pop with a dark hypnotic undercurrent, the French trio is comprised of three Lille natives – Lead singer and keyboard player Clo Floret, guitarist Thomas Fourny and hyper wild drummer Cyril Debarge.

Synthesizing their shared passion for underground fashion, video games, and wildly-thoughtful dance music the band concoct an intoxicating blend of sex, sass and sleaze to send your pulse racing with as much passion as Little Louis’ ‘French Kiss.’

Perhaps the best way to describe Filthy Love is to let the band tell you what it’s all about:

“It’s a “minimal electro dancing” track which talks about contradictions and the stupidity of life and how we try to deal with it. Sometimes you need (or think you need) love so much that you take any piece of love even if it’s filthy and doomed because you always try to see the tiny coloured and hopeful things when your life is a black and white movie (like our video clip). And then, even in the dark, you’ll find your own way into light and happiness.”

We Are Enfant Terrible – Filthy Love


Filthy Love by We Are Enfant Terrible is released on March 28th via Last Gang Records. It is taken from the album Explicit Pictures which is released on April 4th.