Dreadzone Release ‘Best of’ Album: The Good, The Bad & The Dread

On 9th May 2011 Dreadzone, the fervently followed British institution and original pioneers of UK bass culture present ‘The Good The Bad And The Dread’ – a compendium of their excellent musical story so far.

Dreadzone have carved a large niche and cult following. Hit records, critical acclaim and a huge, devoted fan base are theirs, due in part to their utterly storming live shows. The 16 tracks on ‘The Good The Bad And The Dread‘ collate the many highlights of Dreadzone’s output to date.

Dreadzone deal in accessible yet credible club sounds with pop nous, referencing everyone from Woody Guthrie and Max Romeo to John Holt and classic films. They also like to wander into uncharted territory, melding Celtic, Jamaican and Asian influences to their riddims and samples, thus turning out unique, quirky gems like ‘Captain Dread’ and ‘Little Britain’. The latter track is available here in its more rare vocal incarnation, which wasn’t featured on the album Second Light (the instrumental was). Their dubwise beats and bottom end, often adorned with the unmistakably dulcet tones of Earl Sixteen are a product of the cut-and-paste magpie nature of the ever-morphing world of dance music. Other collaborators who’ve passed through the house of dread include cultural figurehead Don Letts, Melanie Blatt and Alison Goldfrapp.

Dreadzone originators Greg Dread and Leo Williams are respectively the drum and bass in seminal post-punk-electro-pop band Big Audio Dynamite. Dreadzone was born from the duo’s shared love for reggae, ska, dub, dancehall, hip hop, breakbeat and the burgeoning electronic music scene of the time. Dubstep, UK funky, 2-step, Jungle and the multitude of fangled sub genres have been born post-Dreadzone, and whilst it maybe a sweeping statement to claim they’ve been a direct influence on all such producers, they can definitely stake claim to a very large branch on the family tree of all things dance, quality and of black origin.

Dreadzone have released six studio albums: ‘360’, ‘Second Light’, ‘Biological Radio’, ‘Sound’, ‘Once Upon A Time’ and last year’s ‘Eye On the Horizon’.

John Peel was a big fan of the band too. He included five Dreadzone tracks in his festive fifty and chose their 360 LP as one of his top ten albums of all time. Ironically that release hasn’t been available since the closing of Alan McGee’s iconic label Creation records, to which the they were signed.

Dreadzone also DJ under the ‘Dreadzone Soundsystem’ moniker, tearing up dancefloors worldwide in a fashion that’s unmistakably their own.

Dreadzone are: Greg Dread (beats and electronics) Leo Williams (bass) MC Spee (MC), Earl 16 (vocals) Chris Compton (guitar) and Chris Oldfield (technology).


The Best Of Dreadzone: The Good, The Bad & The Dread

Zion Youth (Dreadzone Mix)
Little Britain (Vocal Version)
Ali Baba
Captain Dread (Single Edit)
Iron Shirt
Digital Mastermind
Biological Radio (Edit)
House Of Dread
Life Love & Unity (‘96 Mix)
Fight The Power (‘95)
Return Of The Dread
I Know
The Good The Bad & The Dread
Different Planets
American Dread

For more information visit www.dreadzonedownloads.com & www.facebook.com/dreadzone



We Are Enfant Terrible’s irresistible ‘Filthy Love’ single/ video

Filthy Love is the infectious new single from We Are Enfant Terrible which is released on March 28th on Last Gang Records.

The track is an irresistible slice of infectious 8-bit electro-pop with a dark hypnotic undercurrent, the French trio is comprised of three Lille natives – Lead singer and keyboard player Clo Floret, guitarist Thomas Fourny and hyper wild drummer Cyril Debarge.

Synthesizing their shared passion for underground fashion, video games, and wildly-thoughtful dance music the band concoct an intoxicating blend of sex, sass and sleaze to send your pulse racing with as much passion as Little Louis’ ‘French Kiss.’

Perhaps the best way to describe Filthy Love is to let the band tell you what it’s all about:

“It’s a “minimal electro dancing” track which talks about contradictions and the stupidity of life and how we try to deal with it. Sometimes you need (or think you need) love so much that you take any piece of love even if it’s filthy and doomed because you always try to see the tiny coloured and hopeful things when your life is a black and white movie (like our video clip). And then, even in the dark, you’ll find your own way into light and happiness.”

We Are Enfant Terrible – Filthy Love


Filthy Love by We Are Enfant Terrible is released on March 28th via Last Gang Records. It is taken from the album Explicit Pictures which is released on April 4th.



Prodigy remix South Central’s The Day I Die – Offered as free download

the day i die sleeve

Following the recent release of the video and single The Day I Die from South Central, the band have announced that they are giving away a free download of the track in its remixed format produced by Prodigy.

It’s a bit of a rarity these days to see a Prodigy remix, their own recent one was for Jay-Z, so expect something special on this South Central track.

The original release of the single The Day I Die by South Central features no less than five re-mix versions including the Prodigy mix, alongside the original version of the track. It has already been described as a Festival Anthem for this summer and marks the closest the band have come yet to providing a crossover single for the masses.

You can download the, The Day I Die Prodigy remix here.

The single complete with remixes will be officially released on March 14th on Egregore Records, the full track list is here:

1.          Day I Die
2.          Day I Die (The Prodigy rework)
3.          Day I Die (Qemists remix)
4.          Day I Die (The Toxic Avenger remix)
5.          Day I Die (Rhythm Masters remix)
6.          Day I Die (Baxen remix)



South Central – The Day I Die lead single/video from their new album

The latest video from South Central, The Day I Die has been creating plenty of interest, not only for the blistering pop/dance crossover qualities of their music but also for the content of the video which features a sniper taken pot shots at passers-by.

The Day I Die is the new single from South Central, scheduled for release on March 14th through Egregore Records and is unsurprisingly already a fans favourite as well as being the closest moment to a crossover single that the band have come to so far in their career.

Having spent much of the past two years orchestrating stadium-sized crowds to lose their marbles whilst touring the world as the lead support for The Prodigy and Pendulum, South Central are now back on home soil and readying themselves for the release of their much-anticipated debut LP ‘Society Of The Spectacle’.

Having given the world its first taster in October 2010 with their single Demons, the duo now present The Day I Die, the lead single from the forthcoming album and another indication that this is an act destined for big things.

In just the last year, as well as completing their touring with Pendulum and The Prodigy, they’ve DJ’d to Rage Against The Machine’s Finsbury Park crowd, headlined clubs such as The Social (Fr), Razzmatazz (Sp) and Loonyland (Ger), and wrapped up things after Iron Maiden’s Sonisphere set.

The Day I Die finds the band successfully merging the rib-cage-shaking bass-wobble of dubstep with euphoric trance stabs, tough breaks and as close to a pop vocal hook that South Central have ever sung.

A heavy hitting remix package from The Toxic Avenger, Rhythm Masters, Qemists, Baxen and a rare rework from The Prodigy (the only other recent remix by them was for Jay-Z!), it makes it all the more juicy.

Expect this to be rocking crowds from now till the summer – it’s got FESTIVAL ANTHEM written all over it.

South Central – The Day I Die




The Dirtbombs cover classic Detroit dance tracks on new album ‘Party Store’

The Dirtbombs
The Dirtbombs

Ten years after their acclaimed album of  sixties and seventies soul covers, Ultraglide in Black helped kick start an interest in the Detroit music scene, The Dirtbombs return with the perfect companion piece, Party Store.

Where Ultraglide in Black celebrated the Afro American identity and politics of its era with covers of tracks like KungFu (Curtis Mayfield) and Living for the City (Stevie Wonder), Party Store is an assortment of live band interpretations of classic Detroit techno music of the 80’s and early 90’s.

This is the music that was going on while Mick Collins was making waves with garage punk legends the Gories.

Songs that run the gamut of subject matter from materialistic future-disco braggadocio Sharevari (originally by A Number of Names) to cold, post-industrial isolation of Alleys of Your Mind originally by Cybotron) through the instrumental optimism of a worldwide house classic, Strings of Life (originally by Derrick May)… ALL these themes encapsulate the climate of Detroit both now and at the time of their initial release. Let it be said clearly…this is a record that addresses, at the same time, both the past and the future of Detroit.

With Good Life – originally by Kevin Saunderson via his Inner City outfit, Collins recontextualizes the upbeat modern dance élan to echo with post-punk zeal as the zest of doubled harmonies resonates throughout. Bassbin (originally by Carl Craig as Innerzone Orchestra) features modular synthesizer programming by Carl Craig himself and is the album’s piece de resistance.

Clocking in at over 21 minutes, the track’s original light jazz underpinnings are diffused into a martial, militaristic backbeat coupled with fire-raining feedback screes from Collins trusty Kent guitar. It is arguably the most intense recording the Dirtbombs have ever produced.

Then end result is nothing short of impressive. The players’ recreation of the sequenced, digital rhythms and melodies stems from an Oblique Strategies card pulled during the recordings (“Humanize something that is without error”) and they tend to do so with a crisp, krautrock-like precision.

For originals that all contained drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers the Dirtbombs takes on these pieces all matter-of-factly and use said tools only to accent what’s laid down by the live unit.

The Dirtbombs ability to reinterpret is their trump card and with their work here they will undoubtedly turn a whole new audience of “rock” ears on the techno world they have ignored far too long for no good reason.

The Dirtbombs – ShariVari


1. Cosmic Cars
2. Sharivari
3. Good Life (Basement Roots Mix)
4. Strings Of Life
5. Alleys Of Your Mind
6. Bug In The Bass Bin
7. Jaguar 1.
8. Tear The Club Up
9. 謎 のミスタ-ナイソ (Detoroito Mix)

Party Store is released on January 24th on CD and 3 x vinyl LP formats through the In The Red label.