Bonjour ‘La Fin Absolute du Monde’

La Fin Absolute du Monde

Buzzin Media are excited to introduce to you ‘La Fin Absolute du Monde’. If you believe in the immaculate conception and that KFC should be eaten with a knife and fork, I strongly recommend you step away from the computer right now and go make yourself a cup of cocoa with a sprinkling of minature marshmallows for good measure. I am a huge fan of anyone who dares to be different and thinks outside of the box and La Fin Absolute du Monde tick all those boxes.

 La Fin Absolute du Monde are Jason and Cyndy ‘Chicky’ Myles from San Francisco. They get my vote immediately for living in San Francisco, which is one of the coolest cities I have visited to date, however, their music is just as diverse, fascinating and exciting. Although Jason has recorded on hiphop albums and played with local San Francisco area based bands, his heart has been Metal to the core.  With influences such as Prince, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King, Dimebag, and EVH.

I heard La Fin Absolute du Monde a few weeks ago on Soundcloud. I was immediately entranced by their style of music and by Chicky’s vocals, who may be singing some very dark lyrics at times. Their fusion of Classical and Rock seduced me to listen to more of their tracks. My eyes scanned their profile and immediately I was drawn to ‘Spank’ (Rough Mix). We are all aware that sex sells and so I pushed play! The vocals are delightfully sassy and the rhythm of the percussion is brilliantly seductive. The piano and chimes are also tantalising and try to manipulate the ears into believing this is a sweet natured track.  ‘Spank’ (Rough Mix)  is a clear example of how there is a piece of music for every life experience under the stars!


Jason still has his own fiery and violent guitar-playing style that he mixes warmly with melodic, ambient melodies and tones.  Chicky grew up being formally trained as a classical musician and has toured all over North America and parts of Europe with an Asian cover band.   Together, they have achieved a sound like no other, applying all their very different  influences and inspirations to lovingly complement each other. ‘Why So Serious’ is a perfect example of their musical diversity and funky experimentation and has an incredibly addictive bassline.


La Fin Absolute du Monde informed me that their aim is to utilize dark, lovely and ambient timbres and ignore conventional structures and boundaries to provide an intense and adventureful musical-listening experience.  Here are two people who come from entirely different worlds, both enamored by smart people who love smart music. Their Soundcloud profile is an exhibition of incredible sounds including ‘She’s Got To Be A Pirate’ and I recommend a listen of their Soundcloud profile for those of you who dare to listen and think outside of the box!


La Fin Absolute du Monde have an EP ‘Au Revoir’ which they released in March and can be found on They inform me they are currently in negotiation with a record label in the UK and Buzzin Media wish them every success. 

La Fin Absolute du Monde on Soundcloud:

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André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra UK Shows

André Rieu has become known for his melodramatic live performances and a lifestyle more akin to a rock star rather than a classical musician.  He was born 1949 into a musical family in Maastricht in the Netherlands. His father was a conductor with the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra and at the age of five he began learning to play the violin.  After studying in the Netherlands and Belgium from 1968 to 1973 he went on to attend the Music Academy in Brussels from 1974 to 1977 and studied with Andre Gertler.

In 1987 he formed The Johann Strauss Orchestra along with his own production company.  The Johann Strauss Orchestra began performing with just 12 members but now performs extravagant live shows with between 40 and 50 musicians.

André Rieu has performed throughout Europe, in North America, and Japan and won many music awards including two World Music Awards.  At his own recording studio in his home town of Maastricht he now records a wide range of classical music along with popular and folk music.  He is also known for recording film soundtracks.

In September André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra will be performing five live concerts as part of a UK Tour.

Wednesday 22 September
The O2 Arena, London

Thursday 23 September
LG Arena, Birmingham

Monday 27 September
Odyssey, Belfast

Wednesday 29 September
MEN Arena, Manchester

Thursday 30 September
Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle upon Tyne

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BBC Proms – a celebration of orchestral classical music

Being the youngest sibling in a large family I was raised in a house where music was plentiful.  Influenced by the contemporary pop music tastes of my older brothers and sisters I was also influenced by my father’s tastes in music.

A big country music fan, he would listen to Wally Whyton’s evening shows on Radio 2 with a massive pair of headphones, so big he would have to lean back in his armchair through fear they would breaking his neck, should he fall asleep!

Forgetting his James Last albums, he would also occasionally listen to classical music albums.  I particularly remember Holst’s The Planets, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Tchiakovsky’s 1812 Overture; and once a year the regular Saturday night TV viewing schedule was replaced by The Last Night Of The Proms.  Above all, I remember rousing performances of Land Of Hope & Glory and my father’s personal favourite, Jerusalem.

In recent times I have found myself listening more to classical music and intrigued to find how groups like Sigur Ros and electronica music, the likes of Susumu Yokota and d_rradio among others, are blurring the lines between these music genres.

Tonight sees the start of the annual BBC Proms, an eight week celebration of orchestral classical music spread over seventy concerts, held mainly at the Royal Albert Hall.

The BBC Proms or to give them their full title, The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts presented by the BBC begins with music from Ligeti, Tchiakovsky, Langgaard and Sibelius; and continues with a mix of music from lesser known (to me) composers and well known music from the likes of Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Cage, Wagner, Mahler and Mozart; culminating with The Last Night Of The Proms, and climaxing with the ubiquitous performance of Thomas Arne’s Rule Britannia!

BBC Proms Tickets are difficult to acquire, especially for the Last Night Of The Proms, but the live experience is completely amazing.

The BBC Proms Tickets

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