Deer Tick New Albums Volume 1 & 2 + UK / Europe Live Dates

Deer Tick release Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2 on Partisan RecordsNever a group to stand by conventional protocol, Deer Tick release two separate albums of original material, Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2 on Partisan Records, recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis.

The two albums complement each other yet reflect completely contrasting styles, both of which accurately represent the two distinctive musical personalities of Deer Tick — quiet and thoughtful / loud and raucous. “Sea Of Clouds” from Vol. 1 and the garage punk-infused “It’s a Whale” from Vol. 2 show these sides respectively.

Deer Tick Vol. 1 showcases the folk-driven, roots/rock style with right amount of grit, that Deer Tick is known for. Lead singer/songwriter John McCauley is a masterful introspective and observational songwriter, who documents inner struggles and external conflicts with a perfect balance of heartfelt sincerity and wry wit. The opening track Sea of Clouds encompasses all of what brought so many fans to Deer Tick in the first place, and also what kept them there. Guitarist Ian O’Neil’s “Hope is Big” and drummer Dennis Ryan’s “Me & My Man” expand on the group’s already dynamic range.

On Deer Tick Vol. 2, the band turns it up and lets it fly with an injection of punk-inspired garage rock at it’s finest. Clever lyrics, infectious hooks and captivating melodies pack Vol. 2 with bassist Christopher Ryan skillfully laying it down with authority and attitude. The propulsion of opener “Don’t Hurt”, edgy pop of “Jumpstarting” and rowdy punk of “It’s a Whale” reveal that there was an obvious Jekyll & Hyde approach to recording Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. Vol. 2 closes with boisterous “Mr. Nothing Gets Worse”, with all three singers taking a verse on a song that would have made The Replacements proud.

Deer Tick defines the term outlier. Their ever-evolving style has never been claimed by any one scene or genre. They encompass key elements of indie-rock, country, punk, pop, Americana, folk and so much more, which is what makes it difficult to nail them down. With Deer Tick Vol. 1 and Deer Tick Vol. 2, the question really is, why would anyone want to?

Deer Tick – UK / EU Live Dates

20 Jan 2018 Celtic Connections @ O2 ABC, Glasgow, UK
22 Jan 2018 Witloof Bar, Brussels, Belgium
23 Jan 2018 Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 Jan 2018 Bi Nuu, Berlin, Germany
25 Jan 2018 Nochtspeicher, Hamburg, Germany
27 Jan 2018 Le Pop Up du Label, Paris, France
30 Jan 2018 Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK
31 Jan 2018 The Fleece, Bristol, UK
01 Feb 2018 Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK
02 Feb 2018 Community Room @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK

Tickets go on sale Friday 13 Oct at 10am from the band’s website HERE

Eric Taylor Escudero debut album, We Were Young And It Was Morning

Eric Taylor Escuderob - We Were Young And It Was Morning
Eric Taylor Escudero – We Were Young And It Was Morning

Brazilian born Eric Taylor Escudero debut album, We Were Young And It Was Morning, reflects his emotionality, incorporating themes of love, loss, nostalgia and the difficulties of living modern city life. The album has a predominantly traditional folk feel and uses a diverse range of instruments such as the harmonica, mandolin, guitar, concertina, glockenspiel and violin, allowing Eric to experiment with arrangements, creating wistful, immersive folk music.

Having been influenced by 1960s and 1970s folk-rock from an early age, it’s no surprise that Eric’s music has blossomed in the way that it has, his impressive vocal delivery is comparable to some of the leading folk artists this country has to offer, conjuring memories of the likes of Idlewild’s Roddy Woomble and Johnny Flynn.

We Were Young And It Was Morning sees Eric collaborate with Ana Luísa Ramos who performs on backing vocals, her voice complimenting Escudero’s perfectly, as their soft, harmonious vocals merge beautifully, particularly on tracks such as We Were Young and It Was Morning – Part 1 and The Uncountable Colours of The Sky.

Since deciding to go solo Eric Taylor Escudero has released three EPs – Lines We Wrote in Spring, Northern Lights or Summer Skies, and Big City Lights.


We Were Young and It Was Morning combines Eric Taylor Escuderos previous EPs into a creatively arranged package. The album was recorded in Austin, Texas and features Eric Taylor Escudero (vocals, guitar, harmonica, mandolin), Ana Luísa Ramos (vocals and keys), Marco Minoru (bass and acoustic guitar) and Tomás Telles (drums).

Having already made a name for himself in Brazil with features in publications such as Brazil’s Metro News and 505 Indie, Eric is excited to share his emotive, affecting music with the rest of the world.

Eric Taylor Escuderob debut album, We Were Young And It Was Morning is out now via City Lights Produções.

Stone Jack Jones “Circumstance” from his upcoming album Love & Torture


Stone Jack Jones new album Love & Torture out on Western Vinyl
Stone Jack Jones new album Love & Torture


Stone Jack Jones has rejoined forces with producer Roger Moutenot, alongside members of Lambchop and Patty Griffin who guests on vocals throughout.  Love & Torture, a collection of experimental, inviting mantras and sonic dialogs that tells tales of all the bliss that has touched Jack’s incredible life.

On two separate occasions a rare and mysterious blood condition took courses through Jack’s steely West Virginian veins, almost killing him.  Doctors couldn’t fully explain or treat his malady, but Jack pulled through, even after receiving last rites.

During this time, he deeply pondered  the necessity of death, the torturous pain that comes with the death of someone you love, and eventually arrived at the simultaneously comforting and alarming conclusion that he was both alive and dead at the same time.  Invigorated, rather than deflated by his brushes with death, Jack is persistently driven to create songs that peel back the layers of facade that cloud our daily lives, to reveal the bigger, more honest and everlasting truth about reality. Rather than encouraging his listeners to escape reality, Jack urges us to embrace the child-like wonder that’s so often obscured by our monotonous routines, allowing us to reconnect with the infinite wonder that lies just under the surface of our everyday reality.

Last year’s critically acclaimed album Ancestor was a tribute to his father – a remembrance of mountain string bands, with many of the songs worked out as an acoustic three-piece sitting together in a bluegrass circle.  For his new album Love & Torture he took a different approach, working out the foundations for most of the songs in the studio with producer Roger Moutenot.

Rather than recording everything over of a few days or weeks in the studio, the two met up sporadically over the course of many months, giving the songs plenty of time to gestate and evolve in stride with Jack’s life.  When it felt right, they’d invite long-time collaborators including Ryan Norris, Scott Martin, and Kyle Hamlett into the studio to improvise and explore where each song would go next.  Having worked and created with the same guys for several years, their trust and intimacy let them extract moments of brilliance from the ether.

Alt Country US Band American Aquarium to release Wolves

On January 31st US rock band American Aquarium will release the single Wolves, from their forthcoming album of the same name. Wolves is the follow up to 2012’s Burn Flicker Die.


Founded in 2006, the six-piece band are noted for their incredible live performances, having spent the majority of their career on the road across the US.

American Aquarium’s songs, filled with biographical lyrics about last calls, lost love and long horizons, have always explored both sides of that divide. For every drunken night, there’s a hangover and for every love, there’s the chance of pain. The new single Wolves demonstrates this kind of honesty, with a sound that blends the twang of the pedal steel with the swirl of guitar riffs.

Taken from their new album Wolves out February 3rd, American Aquarium uses elements of southern rock, complimented by bluegrass and traces of funk. The bands sound is a journey through signature pieces of each genre, coming together into a powerful, authentic blend on the 10-track album.

American Aquarium are BJ Barham (vocals), Ryan Johnson (lead guitar), Colin Dimeo (lead guitar), Bill Corbin (bass), Kevin McClain (drums), Whit Wright pedal steel).

American Aquarium release new single on 31st January & new album, Wolves on 3rd February.

Bonnie Prince Billy – Wolfroy Goes To Town, album review

Bonnie Prince Billy - Wolfroy goes to town, album review
Bonnie Prince Billy - Wolfroy goes to town, album review

The new Bonnie “Prince” Billy album “Wolfroy goes to town” is a spare and haunting piece – 10 tracks only of sombre alt-country which will not be seen as a departure by fans of his work. But novelty is now what you expect from Will Oldham who has been ploughing his distinctive furrow for 15 plus albums now under various different guises.

Opening track “No Match” sets the introspective tone for the rest of the record – beautiful harmonies underlie the repeated “No Match” refrain of the title, juxtaposing opposing statements like, “I’m no match for those who love the lord and they are no match for me” and “You can be a match for me I’ll be a match for you.”

Profound stuff; although I can’t unravel the meaning it’s beautiful all the same. The song ends on a hopeful note;

“Well, age may be a match for you but its no match for me”

The pattern is set by this first song – obtuse lyrics – which might repay repeated listening, and lovely singing, in particular by Angel Olsen who intones, with Oldham, on “New Tibet

“As boys we fucked each other, as men we lie and smile”

A bird motif emerges in this song;

“Birds fight, birds hate”

And, crops up again later; “Soiled doves are my birds”….. And, in the download only single “Quail and Dumplings”; “Fuck birds in bushes!” he implores us….

As a whole the album is slow paced and introvert, but Oldham lets rip a little (handclaps!!) on the single, instrumentally more complex and dramatic.

“Black Captain” is a lament for lost love and a touching high point of the album, lyrically less oblique, haunting and beautiful.

This is a tender, touching collection of songs; a wonderful record. The best since “I see a darkness” which was the first under the “Bonnie Prince Billy” name, back in 1999.


Bonnie Prince Billy – Wolfroy Goes To Town tracklist:
1. No Match
2. New Whaling
3. Time To Be Clear
4. New Tibet
5. Black Captain
6. Cows
7. There Will Be Spring
8. Quail And Dumplings
9. We Are Unhappy
10. Night Noises

Wolfroy goes to town by Bonnie Prince Billy is released on Domino Records.