Album Review: Ivor Cutler – A Flat Man

Ivor Cutler - A Flat ManAlbum Review: Ivor Cutler – A Flat Man (Hoorgi House Records)

Ivor Cutler‘s poetry and music is wonderfully original and amusing. It brings a smile to my face and makes me feel happy. I played this album to my children who are 12 and 9 years old, and they loved it too.

This week sees the re-release of Ivor Cutler’s brilliant album, A Flat Man.

Originally released on Alan McGee’s Creation Records in 1998, it has been unavailable and sought-after since 1999.

A Flat Man includes 48 tracks including What?, Living Donkey, Knocking At My Door, and a personal family favourite, Jam.

What’s your favourite jam? Traffic jam.
What’s wrong with raspberry, what’s wrong with plum?
How’s about a blob of elderberry on a scone
What’s your favourite jam? Traffic jam.
It’s the jam for a man.

The album marks the launch of Hoorgi House Records, a new label set up by Cutler’s family to release more of Ivor Cutler’s recordings.

I was introduced to Ivor Cutler in the early 1980’s by John Peel and a performance on BBCtv’s music show The Whistle Test. He also appeared in The Beatles’ Magical Mystery film, recorded 21 John Peel Sessions and was the inspiration for Franz Ferdinand’s song Jacqueline.

A Flat Man – Tracklisting:

  1. “Bubble Or Two”
  2. “Flat Man”
  3. “Jam”
  4. “Alone”
  5. “What Have You Got”
  6. “What”
  7. “Out With The Light”
  8. “I Ate A Lady’s Bun”
  9. “One At A Time”
  10. “Living Donkey”
  11. “And So Do I”
  12. “Excitement”
  13. “Questionnaire”
  14. “Bleeding Shoes”
  15. “Ball In A Barrel”
  16. “Blind”
  17. “My Next Album”
  18. “Aquarium”
  19. “Flies”
  20. “Dichotomy of Love”
  21. “Lemonade”
  22. “Birdswing”
  23. “Turn To The Right”
  24. “Empty Road At Little Bedwyn”
  25. “I Built A House”
  26. “Dumb Dames”
  27. “Jackfish”
  28. “Bowling Green”
  29. “Between Two Walls”
  30. “Patronage”
  31. “One of the Best”
  32. “Search For Grace”
  33. “Romantic Man”
  34. “True Courage”
  35. “Knocking At My Door”
  36. “Moist Flier”
  37. “Old Boots”
  38. “Long Way”
  39. “Your Smell”
  40. “Fish”
  41. “Shoes”
  42. “Deductive Lepidopteron”
  43. “Stubborn Vassals”
  44. “Filcombe Cottage Brook”
  45. “Gorbals 1930”
  46. “British Museum”
  47. “Smack”
  48. “Ep.1. Doing The Bathroom”

Album review – d_rradio

d_rradio– d_rradio (Distraction Records)
Released: March 3rd, 2008

d_rradio - d_rradio debut albumd_rradio (pronounced D R Radio) have created a wonderful self-titled debut album on Distraction Records that spans a wide spectrum of electronica genres. Apparently three years in the making, the result is a beautifully crafted album that will hopefully gain the group the recognition they deserve.

Ten self-penned songs offer an eclectic mix which opens with a psychedelic ambience. Paper Soul, with its lethargic, hazy summer-fresh electronica sounds, is a gentle introduction that makes way for a more uptempo second track – A Life Alive, with its harder beat and analogue sounds.

Rest Of Your Life offers a slice of synth pop with a rhythm reminiscent of Pete Wylie’s classic eighties pop song – It’s Sinful.

Long Way Home closes the album as it began, with a more gentle drift through the electronica ambience of Melodic artists such as Pedro and Minotaur Shock. A favourite track is the electronica doodling of Bag Of Lovely, mellow rambling rhythms laced with soft easy listening innovation.

Prior to this album, the three-piece have released three singles on Distraction Records and a well received mini album entitled U_nderscore on Static Caravan but this is my introduction to the wide and diverse sounds of d_rradio, and I am now looking out for more.