John Edwards’ A-Z of earliest guilty musical pleasures: A is for The Alessi Brothers

This month Buzzin Music is proud to publish Tonota 80′s John EdwardsA-Z of earliest guilty musical pleasures

My name is John Edwards and I live in London. I am obsessed with 2 things; laughter and music. If I don’t get my fix of both each day, I’d sooner shuffle of this planet.

Music, be it good or bad can stir emotions and it’s weird how songs can stick in your head from childhood. As you get older, you might feel a bit embarrassed about some of the songs you love but they are also part of what you are.

I decided to indulge myself and perhaps treat my friends at the same time by posting an A-Z of my earliest guilty musical pleasures. One song per day with a brief explanation about each song and why I chose it. These are the songs I got hooked on between the ages of 6 and 20.

A is for The Alessi Brothers

My 5 older brothers and 2 sisters played do much music in the house I would hear anything from James Last, Mantovani to Elvis and Abba. The radio was always on and so I found myself falling in love with some weird songs including this one. It was the sugary sweet harmonies that hooked me.