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Rockabilly: The Twang Heard ’round the World – The Complete Illustrated History

Terry Lane - Sunday 20.11.11, 11:11am

Before I even opened this book, I fell in love with it!  A sumptuous hardback cover photo of Elvis strumming his acoustic and singing his heart out; with a cut out to top and right with the word ‘Rockabilly’ designed to mimic the King of Rock n Roll’s debut album cover; and one ‘borrowed’ by [...]

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The Church of Louvin: The Louvin Brothers Sacred Songs, album review

Bob Collins - Wednesday 22.06.11, 09:26am

I first heard of the Louvin Brothers while scanning the writing credits of the Byrds’ Sweethearts of the Rodeo album, the 1968 album that shocked the counter culture to its knees by embracing what seemed at the time to be outdated, anachronistic music associated with crushingly unfashionable conservative values. Yet the mastermind behind that album, [...]

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