Caribou wins Polaris Music Prize

Caribou wins Polaris Music Prize for Best Album 2008
Caribou wins Polaris Music Prize for Best Album 2008

Last night in Toronto Daniel Snaith aka Caribou won the coveted $20,000 Polaris Music Prize for his 2007 album Andorra.  Caribou now lives in London but win best Canadian album as he was born in Dundas, Ontario.

Andorra is a departure from heavily influenced electronica of previous albums such as Start Breaking My Heart and The Milk of Human Kindness. With Andorra, Caribou has produced a great album with traditional instruments and influences of sixties pop harmonies and psychedelic traces.  I can hear Brian Wilson and early Pink Floyd in amongst the deep and profound trip-pop grooves.

It is only on the very last track of the album, Niobe, that Snaith blends the Wilson-esque vocals with a more experimental electronica music that I have previously associated him with.

Once again Daniel Snaith is treading his own path.  After making a splash in the world of electronic music with such great tracks (and titles) as Dundas, Ontario, Tits & Ass, and the brilliant If Assholes Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport, Caribou has received the Polaris Music Prize award for a much more commerical sounding but no less brilliant album.

Andorra shows yet another side to this very talented individual; an album that really deserves commercial success to bring this wonderful music to a much wider audience.

For more information visit the Caribou MySpace page.

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