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Bestival 2010
Bestival 2010

For some reason most of the big name festivals in the UK do not have as much appeal to me as a number of the European ones.  I don’t know exactly why?  I suppose the changeability of the British weather has something to do with it.  That and I find it hard to find a festival that fulfils the diversity (or equally the specificity) of the music I like.  What can I say, I’m quite fussy and a bit hard to please?!

The line up for this year’s Bestival however, has managed to get me very excited indeed.

Rob da Bank’s line up includes some of the most interesting bands, DJ’s and acts to perform together at one festival.  Not only do you get to hear these people perform, but you also get to dress up whilst doing so!  The theme for 2010?  Fantasy!

My all time hero Richie Hawin is performing his new multi-media live Plastikman show.  Another act that is pushing their boundaries of their usual live approach is The XX who has a 3-D instillation of their work to run concurrently with their show. Throw in New Zealand funk/ dub/ jazz  seven piece Fat Freddy’s Drop and you’ve already got a pretty damn amazing mish mash of musical styles.

But it doesn’t stop there… for me I definitely want to check out LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Flaming Lips, Fever Ray, Seth Troxler, The Vegetable Orchestra (I mean how could you not be intrigued by this?), Tricky (who I last saw amid a tropical rainstorm in New Zealand in 1996), Mumford and Sons, Vitalic, Dub Pistols (I once hitched a ride into Cologne with Barry Ashworth- a long, long story), DJ Yoda, Four Tet…..

The thing, which interests me about the above, is that there is so much variety in the style of music these artists play and yet what binds them is their playful approach to their live performances.  It is this playfulness of theme that the Bestival organisers use as the platform for the festival.  It doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, but what it does take seriously is good music.  Extraordinarily, I’ve never been.  I’ve always wanted to but for various reasons I haven’t been able to make it, like last year when I was completing my Masters dissertation.  This year finally is my chance to experience what I think is the best festival on offer in 2010.

For the complete line up visit or the blog for music and regular updates

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