Glastonbury 2011 – a review

Wow, Glastonbury this year was on a whole other level!

Having been to Glasto last year (see ‘Diary of a Glasto Virgin‘) we found the site a lot less bewildering, we discovered the bars which somehow last year we managed to miss….We found new fields, the Tripod stage and the 50p tea tent in Green fields.

Wednesday evening we trekked up to the top of the hill at The Park to watch the sun set over Glastonbury, this view was amazing, one in a million and the perfect photo opportunity. Chilling with my favourite people made this one of my favourite memories, one that will stay with us all forever.

Wednesday night time at The Park we went to our very first silent disco, this was an experience, a good one, but strange also.

The mud. You got over this in seconds, the mud makes Glastonbury and everyone who is a real festival goer knows that, as long as you’ve got your willies and lots of socks you’re sorted!  In a way it brought everyone together, you would laugh with the person next to you as they fell down but then quickly help them back up to their feet again. It brought people closer together, more like friends rather than strangers in the same place.

Personally I only fell over once, but managed to have my fall broken by someone catching me mid-fall several times.

We started the music by watching Metronomy on the Pyramid stage, they wasn’t my personal choice but thought I’d give them a try.

Samantha Hopkins: “Metronomy is one of my favourite bands and I’ve wanted to see them for ages. I’m so glad I waited as their performance was exceptional! I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to hold such a large audience, however they walked out onto the stage like they owned the place! I loved every minute of it.”

Mumford and Sons and The Vaccines performing on The Other Stage both held a very large crowd! They pulled it off as always and gave us all an amazing time in the rain.

Coldplay were by far my favourite act at Glastonbury this year. They put on an amazing set and the emotions in the crowds were so high, you couldn’t help but be taken in by what was surrounding you!

Beth Shewan: “I missed Mumford and Sons last year, but their set was well worth waiting for in the pouring rain! They had everyone singing along to Thistle and Weeds and many of their other big hits.

Coldplay’s stage presence was amazing and had everyone in the crowd all teary eyed. Being offered to sit on someone’s shoulders during the end of this set will stay as one of my favourite Glastonbury moments forever!”

Friendly Fires were on another level this year.  Starting their set with ‘Lovesick’ they had the crowd going wild, right through to their final songs, the biggest hit was probably from their new album,  ‘Pala – Hawaiian Air.’

Ed Macfarlane was shaking his hips as always really getting into the music and letting the atmosphere take over. Friendly Fires upped their game this year, a lot.

The Wombats, all dressed in the same attire looking very Indie, attracted one of the biggest crowds at The Other Stage. Playing a good mix of old songs which everyone can sing along too and new songs from their latest album kept everyone captured in their stage presence.

I’ve seen The Wombats before at smaller venues, but where we was situated within the crowd, this performance felt just as personal and immense as the smaller venues do, only more amazing and BIGGER.

Of course you can’t forget you’re a womble! There was huge range of ages inside and outside surrounding The Avalon stage in The Avalon. You can’t miss out on some nostalgia from your childhood, even at Glastonbury!

Plan B and Pendulum warmed up the Pyramid stage amazingly for Beyonce.   The mix of small girls wanting to be at the front ready for Beyonce, and the big burly men making their way to the front for Pendulum could have caused concern for some, but as far as I know, there were no injuries.

The crowd for Beyonce was unreal.  It felt as if nearly everyone at Glastonbury had made their way over to watch her!  After keeping us all waiting for up to half an hour Beyonce finally made her entrance.  The Pyramid Stage lit up like a fireworks display on New Years Eve!

It’s a shame there wasn’t an encore for Beyonce, but all of her big hits were already performed during the set, including a great mix of Destiny’s Child. Everyone was singing along like they were 10 years old again and back in the 1990’s!

We saw so many people this weekend, to comment on every single one would make this a very lengthy review. The acts mentioned are just some of the bigger ones we saw.

My memories from Glastonbury 2011 will stay with me forever.  Two years time and we get to do it all over again.  Bring on Glastonbury Festival 2013.

Some shared memories that will be treasured forever:

Davina Kesby: “Dancing with my housemates to Merry Christmas everyone outside the Big Pig food stall at 1am after watching Coldplay. So random but excellent.”

Timothy Robert Walker: “Wandering back from the Park Stage at midnight after seeing Wild Beasts gripping on tightly to their set list, whilst tucking into a Chocolate and Banana Crepe. Only at Glastonbury.”

Samantha Hopkins: “Falling over in the mud and managing to make everyone else fall in around me, whilst trying to help me up!”



Glastonbury 40th Anniversary – Diary of a Glasto Virgin

Glastonbury Festival 40th Anniversary 25-27th June 2010

Day 1 – Wednesday 23rd June 2010.

So we set off at 7am hoping to miss the traffic and the majority of the queues to get into Glasto. We were extremely mistaken…hitting traffic as soon as we entered onto the M3.

Six hours later we arrived at the Glastonbury car park and parked up in East 7.

The weather was actually AMAZING the whole time we was there…but when you’re queuing for two hours to get through to gate C to get your wristbands, and the only drinks you have are cans of cider…it quickly becomes very difficult.

5pm and our tent is up! =)

We camped in the dance field opposite the Other Stage…we had a very good spot. Not much was happening on the Wednesday so we just took the evening to find some food, have a look around get lost and find some food  fun times.

Day 2 – Thursday 24th June 2010.

Today we woke up nice and early, due to the insane heat inside our tent.  I had quite a good sleep, considering. We finally found The Queen’s Head Stage after walking past it five times and got straight to the very front to watch My Luminaries, The Howls and Two Door Cinema Club; all of which were amazing!

After seeing these we found something to eat, grabbed some Strongbow and Sambuka from the tent and went over to the Pussy Parlour…I LOVED IT IN THERE! It was just like a night club everyone was raving it up and the DJ’s were awesome I think they was either DC Breaks or Elite Force…can’t remember what time we actually got in to The Pussy Parlour.

After our first amazing day, I accidentally deleted all my photos 

Day 3 – Friday 25th June 2010.

The festival kicked off today with Rolf Harris. He was just amazing he turned 80 this year and he’s still playing huge gigs – Today he played on the Pyramid Stage to a crowd of thousands.  It must have been quite overwhelming looking out onto a crowd that big. His set included Two little boys, Sun-a-Rise and Stairway to Heaven. He definitely knew how to get the crowd going.  He had the didgeridoo and the board thing he uses =)

I text my mum to say that we had just watched Rolf Harris and how good he was. She said she thought he was ‘too old for us’, lol. Everyone knows his songs! I think everyone watching him just had nothing but admiration for him.

Lunchtime we go back to the tent to cook a pot noodle…oh camp life how I won’t miss the food.

Actually the food at Glastonbury was very good.  Being a vegetarian I thought finding food for me may be a little difficult but there were tons of vegan and vegetarian stalls and most of the meat selling stalls had vegetarian options too.

At 1.45pm we saw Corrine Bailey Rae she was very good, I like her music; quite chilled out…good for a daytime slot.

By Friday we were starting to see the tan lines…or they could have been dirt lines! The ‘no showering’ was hard and you never really are that clean when using baby wipes…just gives the dirt a nice scent. HA.

We went over to the John Peel Tent to watch Bombay Bicycle Club. It was so busy we couldn’t get inside so we just listened to them from outside for a while.  But the sun was so strong we only stayed for about 15 minutes.  Big shame but we had to find some shade.

So after leaving the John Peel Tent we went to the East Dance tent ready for Example. OMG! they were by far the best band we had seen yet! “..and the love kick starts again!”

Friday was quite hard because most of the people we wanted to see were all playing at the same time. We went on to see La Roux and Florence and the machine on the Other Stage.

Florence and the machine were up there with Example, so so SO Amazing! Her outfit was pretty cool too, I have thought for ages of how I could describe it but I can’t so just Google it and look at a photo! It was a white leotard with one side that had white fabric in layers draping over to the end of her arm.  It’ll make sense when you look at a photo.

Next we went over to the Pyramid Stage to watch Dizzee Rascal and of course Florence came onto to sing ‘You’ve got the love’ at the end! =D

Gorillaz headlined on Friday, and we were like 4 rows from the front in the middle! We actually got right near the front for almost all of the people we saw, happy days.

Gorillaz were good, but they played a lot of songs off their new album.  That wasn’t the best move they’ve ever done. But when they played ‘It’s dare’, ‘Sunshine in a Bag’, and ‘Feel Good Inc’ the crowd went crazy because they’re the ones everyone knows. At the end of the set Damon Albarn introduced Snoop dog who sang ‘Clint Eastwood’ – that really saved them.

Later this evening I met up with another friend who was at Glasto too and we went over to Shangri-La. It was just crazy!  There was a massive like claw thing in the middle where the DJ’s played, and off of the top of the lanterns surrounding the claw they kept flame-throwing. The heat was immense! =) I liked here A LOT.

Day 4 – Saturday 26th June 2010.

Saturday – OK so we are beginning to feel quite tired now.  We woke up really quite late today.  By hanging out of the tent we managed to sleep until about 9. That’s a lay in if you’re camping!

We started the day off by watching Two Door Cinema Club again by our tent as were getting ready and then we walked round to see Lightning Seeds.  We wasn’t really sure who they were but after watching them on the Pyramid Stage we decided they were quite good =)

I suppose I should mention the toilets…to be honest, they really weren’t as bad as people make out. It was my first time at Glastonbury and the thing I was dreading most was using the toilets.  But they had people cleaning them all the time with these massive poo suckers being pulled along by tractors constantly clearing them.

My friend Beth’s back was now really burnt but we managed to find some factor 30 so began slapping that on!

We saw Imogen Heap, Kate Nash, Chiddy Bang, Tinie Tempah, Foals, The XX, Jamie T and the encore of Muse, then we went over to Shangri-La again so that Beth could see what I was on about.

Jamie T was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I couldn’t actually speak about my excitement of seeing him he really does put on a good performance!

And while we were watching Foals, the lead singer jumped into the crowd and landed on our heads! I personally thought he had climbed up the scaffolding that held the tent up to throw his drumsticks…but no, he launched himself into the crowd!! Hahaha was so funny!
Muse were good. I’m not a massive fan of Muse but we saw their encore and they must have played all the songs I knew then.  I really don’t know that many, they would have been a good band to see the whole act, really got the crowd going crazy.

Day 5 – Sunday 27th June 2010.

The last day of an amazing weekend!

We woke up and packed all our bags and put the tent down, then took them along to the lock up where I had previously put my car keys so I didn’t loose them.

I have liked Paloma Faith’s songs for ages that have come out, but I didn’t realise it was her who sung them! Luckily for me we went for a walk and saw her playing on the Pyramid Stage while eating a massive pot of ice cream from the frozen yoghurt stall.  Next on was Norah Jones so we stayed to watch her too.

Being the last day we thought about what time we were going to leave and the best way to avoid traffic leaving Glasto.  I think the fact that we parked in the furthest car park away from where we camped helped because by the time we had walked to the lock up, got our belongings and trekked for about an hour to the car park the traffic really wasn’t that bad…happy days =)

Before leaving we also saw We Are Scientists, Temper Trap and MGMT – the singer was so cool! He had all the VIP people dancing on the stage and for some reason was throwing oranges out into the crowd =/

We then saw Faithless and Stevie Wonder. The singer in Faithless has got one the most amazing body’s ever and he looked pretty old!

Stevie Wonder aawwwwww… everyone liked Stevie Wonder! He was so funny making little jokes at different things. He also said what he was thinking too, wasn’t afraid to hold back.  If he wanted to comment about something happening around the world, then it didn’t matter how controversial it was! It was quite overwhelming just being part of that crowd watching him.

Lastly, we went back to The Queen’s Head Tent where it all started with our first band: My Luminaries, to watch Dan Le Sac.

About 1.30am we got back to the car to start our three hour journey home.


Nichola Woolmer – No longer a Glastonbury virgin!