Punk Fun and Mayhem with The Kix

The Kix

Last night I attended The Kix gig at The Tiger Moth in Medway and had the time of my life, reliving happy memories of my Generation X youth.  Being part of an era and movement encouraging authenticity, freedom of  self expression and a tiny bit of mayhem, makes me feel very proud indeed and extremely grateful to be my age! I would not of wanted to miss this creative era for the world.


My generation have often been accused of being selfish re-cycled teenagers, so our reply is, “yeah yeah, what evaaaa” followed by a two finger salute! The Sex Pistols sang a cover of ‘ol blue eyes’ I’ll do it My Way, which sums up our generations philosophy….like it or lump it! Unless you have lived and breathed the Generation X and Punk era, you will not understand the mind and spirit of its ‘Freedom Warriors’ .

The Kix, as a band are extremely professional and excellent musician/singers, with a brilliant sense of humour! They watched in amusement the shapes that were being pulled on the dance floor, including The Conga (no I didn’t participate!) from a group of girls, who the lead singer Mal Irvine hilariously named and knighted 5 Star .

The songs The Kix covered included hits from Sham 69, The Clash, Sex Pistols and The Jam. The crowd were very cool and many of us danced and shouty sang the night away!

Their final encore, much to mine and the crowds delight, was My Way, Sex Pistol style, which was a perfect ending to a brilliant night!


Not surprisingly, The Kix have many gigs ahead of them, including The Lower Bell on Friday 24th August and The Ska Festival in Maidstone, Bank Holiday Monday 27th August .

During their tour, they will also be playing in Amsterdam!

The Kix on Facebook


You’ve Gotta Shine On and ‘Move On’ Sabijn

Jazz We Can - Sabijn

Every musician has a story to tell in their music and Jazz Singer Sabijn from Gent, Belgium is no exception. Life has a habit of giving us lessons on living each day as if it were your last, encouraging each and every one of us to turn lemons into lemonade and skillfully transform the shit into manure.

I feel priviledged every day when I meet and hear musicians pieces of art, as I know there is always a story behind every track. I am an inquisitive soul, so when given the opportunity to meet Sabijn having heard a remix of her track ‘Move On’ (Beatblenderz Club Mix) I seized the opportunity without hesitation and felt truly inspired.

I was immediately impressed how professional Sabijn was. She had her briefcase with ‘Jazz We Can‘, poster on the front and introduced herself with a smile and a posture of confidence. This lady has the  grace of Mae West and the formidable spirit of Muhammad Ali. The referee starts counting and this lady picks herself right up off the floor. I could see nothing could knock this lady out!

Sabijn’s parents divorced when she was 11 years of age, which is a tough blow when your a kid, which no doubt inspired her to become a poet, singer and also a stand up comic. We are all a product of our past and this lady chose the path of artistic flair to express her life story. Sabijn later decided to study music, then spent 20 years as a Teacher at a Music Academy.

Any great teacher wants to help inspire and encourage others and she did just that, but Sabijn had a dream that had been dormant but not forgotten for many years.

Tragedy has a habit of striking unannounced and Sabijn suffered a brain haemorrhage, which left her laying in her bed for 4 years. Feeling completely powerless and often thinking she was going to die, Sabijn could only lay in a bed with depression as her pillow.

Being a Personal Development Coach, I am fully aware how strength of character and the power of will and determination is a successful resolution for lifes dramas.  Following a slow recovery, Sabijn knew it was time to make a life changing decision to turn her dreams into reality! Looking death in the face most definitely has a habit of giving us a wake up and smell the roses alarm call!

Any lady that can smoke a cigar has the balls to get with the programme called life. Sabijn has a relentless dream to sing at The Blue Note in New York and she knew laying in bed thinking she was going to die was not going to fulfil that dream. Whilst laying in bed, Sabijn began to hum a tune, she then began to put words to the tune and then sang into a dictaphone. She finally sang and danced her way slowly out of bed.

Music is indeed an extremely powerful therapy, which quite clearly helps people to ‘Move On‘!


Sabijn went to New York earlier this year to begin the dream. Not everything went to plan, however, she met some interesting and influential characters including Ambassador Herman, the Consulate General of Belgium in New York and decided to take herself to Time Square and Empire State to give the public a free show. Heading in the right direction, and in true Sabijn Jazz We Can style, she has a gig arranged in New York in September and we at Buzzin Media have no doubt the Triad Theatre will offer her a standing ovation and New York an almighty Encore!

Sabijn On Soundcloud

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Bonjour ‘La Fin Absolute du Monde’

La Fin Absolute du Monde

Buzzin Media are excited to introduce to you ‘La Fin Absolute du Monde’. If you believe in the immaculate conception and that KFC should be eaten with a knife and fork, I strongly recommend you step away from the computer right now and go make yourself a cup of cocoa with a sprinkling of minature marshmallows for good measure. I am a huge fan of anyone who dares to be different and thinks outside of the box and La Fin Absolute du Monde tick all those boxes.

 La Fin Absolute du Monde are Jason and Cyndy ‘Chicky’ Myles from San Francisco. They get my vote immediately for living in San Francisco, which is one of the coolest cities I have visited to date, however, their music is just as diverse, fascinating and exciting. Although Jason has recorded on hiphop albums and played with local San Francisco area based bands, his heart has been Metal to the core.  With influences such as Prince, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King, Dimebag, and EVH.

I heard La Fin Absolute du Monde a few weeks ago on Soundcloud. I was immediately entranced by their style of music and by Chicky’s vocals, who may be singing some very dark lyrics at times. Their fusion of Classical and Rock seduced me to listen to more of their tracks. My eyes scanned their profile and immediately I was drawn to ‘Spank’ (Rough Mix). We are all aware that sex sells and so I pushed play! The vocals are delightfully sassy and the rhythm of the percussion is brilliantly seductive. The piano and chimes are also tantalising and try to manipulate the ears into believing this is a sweet natured track.  ‘Spank’ (Rough Mix)  is a clear example of how there is a piece of music for every life experience under the stars!


Jason still has his own fiery and violent guitar-playing style that he mixes warmly with melodic, ambient melodies and tones.  Chicky grew up being formally trained as a classical musician and has toured all over North America and parts of Europe with an Asian cover band.   Together, they have achieved a sound like no other, applying all their very different  influences and inspirations to lovingly complement each other. ‘Why So Serious’ is a perfect example of their musical diversity and funky experimentation and has an incredibly addictive bassline.


La Fin Absolute du Monde informed me that their aim is to utilize dark, lovely and ambient timbres and ignore conventional structures and boundaries to provide an intense and adventureful musical-listening experience.  Here are two people who come from entirely different worlds, both enamored by smart people who love smart music. Their Soundcloud profile is an exhibition of incredible sounds including ‘She’s Got To Be A Pirate’ and I recommend a listen of their Soundcloud profile for those of you who dare to listen and think outside of the box!


La Fin Absolute du Monde have an EP ‘Au Revoir’ which they released in March and can be found on http://www.stereokiller.com/lafinabsolutedumonde They inform me they are currently in negotiation with a record label in the UK and Buzzin Media wish them every success. 

La Fin Absolute du Monde on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/la-fin-absolute-du-monde

Buzzin Media on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/buzzin-media



A Scandinavian Outstanding ‘Ovation’

Ovation Live

Please be standing whilst I introduce this very talented Norweigian band ‘Ovation’.  The band members are Stian Sætermo Vocal, Guitar and Songwriting; Tony Andre Hansen Guitar and Backing Vocal; Raymond Hansen, Bass and Backing Vocal; Boss, Drums and Philip Moon on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal.  

Here is how Ovation describe themselves and their music.

A soft wind, blowing gently by your ears…Ovation has developed a unique pop sound which is based on a mix between country on one side to pop and rock on the other. Ovation makes everything from small productions with only a guitar, bass, perk, and vocal, to big productions with violins and symphonic blankets wrapped around a lot of vocal and backing vocal to form a majestic listening experience… so please go ahead and enjoy our music 😉

I was recently introduced to Ovation on Soundcloud and on hearing their pop rock track  ‘It’s OK’ I was immediately impressed by its uplifting lyrics, vocals, guitar riffs and bassline.


Ovation is a band based in Sandefjord and Østfold in Norway. The line up was made complete when Philip and Boss joined the band in 2007. Since then Ovation have played at live concerts around Skandinavia. Ovation is currently working on there new album, which title is still being discussed and will be released in October, so watch this space!

Ovation are inspired and influenced by many things; not only other bands, but like all other artists individual life experiences which then has an impact on their music. The track ‘Katharina’s Song’ is a beautiful example of how Ovation perform one of the most commonly shared human experiences often expressed in the musical arena.


Stian Saetermo and Producer Andreas Eide Larsen

Ovation as a collective have an eclectic choice of musical tastes. Here are some bands they like, but are not necessarily influenced by :Matchbox Twenty, Coldplay, The Jayhawkes, Bruce Springsteen,Keen, Muse, U2, Live, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Julian Casablancas, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and Queen.

Ovation are all big fans of music, but beside music they also have alternative interests. Just as an example, Tony Andre Hansen is one of the worlds best showjumpers and has participated in several world cup and euro cup show jumping competitions.

Buzzin Media wish ‘Ovation’ all the success they deserve and hope lady fortune shines down on them all to reward their hard work and determination.  Watch this space for the release of their album in October!

Ovation on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/naits79

Buzzin Media on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/buzzin-media



10th Harmonic – Truth = Lie EP Review

10th Harmonic - Truth = Lie EP

Truth = Lie EP – 10th Harmonic Release 10th March

Buzzin Media are delighted to review 10th Harmonic aka Sondre Saetaberget a 15 year old from Norway who has just released his very first EP ‘Truth = Lie’ including two other tracks ‘Awakening’ and ‘Paranoia’ – out now on cdbaby. 10th Harmonic describes himself quite simply as someone who loves creating, performing and producing music.

10th Harmonic began writing songs back in October 2009 however, he had attempted song writing before that in the genre of Alternative Rock, but had not actually completed a song. 10th Harmonics main influence at that time was the band Muse.

Since then he has found himself getting inspired by more and more music, with many influences. This young man is without doubt a very talented and gifted young musician, especially as he works alone and creates his music from Songwriting, Performing, Recording, Producing, Mixing and Mastering, which is a huge achievement any musician would be proud of, let alone that of  a 15 year old, which you can hear in this track ‘Truth=Lie’


I first heard 10th Harmonics music on Soundcloud earlier last year and was extremely impressed, especially with his guitar playing and I can recall being very surprised when I discovered he was only 14 years of age. Here is another track ‘Eternal Sleep’ from his Soundcloud profile, that clearly exhibits 10th Harmonic’s skills as a young musician.


10th Harmonic Live

10th Harmonic has an eclectic range of positive influences including Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Muse, Genesis, Van Der Graaf, RöyksoppBeethoven , Chopin Rachmaninoff, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, Dream Theater, Susanne Sundfør, Moddi, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Thom Yorke, along with other Soundcloud artists who have been offering him support and guidance including, DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER, GEM/ecopro, Electricfusion, Archimedes, The Association, Pete “Peachy” Watson, Kibeja, Literate Wolves, Eyebrowz, Moodwing and Jase Munn amongst many others.

I am sure you will agree that this young musician has a gift and Buzzin Media are without doubt he will continue to write and produce music successfully for many years to come.  We will definitely continue to watch out for his progress and continue supporting this talented young artist in the future and would recommend a purchase of this brilliant EP.

You can buy 10th Harmonic Truth = Lie EP here:http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/10thharmonic

You can hear more of 10th Harmonic here on Soundcloud:http://soundcloud.com/10th-harmonic

Buzzin Media on Soundcloud:http://soundcloud.com/buzzin-media