The Love Family – New Single & Album for the (un)Beaten Generation

The Love Family - Traces [drone attack] Remix by Terry Lane
The Love Family – Traces [drone attack] Remix by Terry Lane
The Love Family
Traces [drone attack]
Remixed by Terry Lane
Available as a digital single via Grip Records on 24th March, 2017


Watching fads, scenes and sub-genres come and go, The Love Family have quietly gone about their business producing hard hitting slabs of power chord-driven post punk flavoured alt rock from deepest Medway through the past two decades.

With a forthcoming album and epic 13 minute remix of the lead track to boot, original members Gary Robertson and Paul Ireland have been spending time locked away in Kent’s  Squarehead Studio with producer Rob Wilkes and finding the unhinged freedom of not having to consider performing new songs live, a godsend.

“Allowing yourself the freedom to use multi-tracking and overdubs to produce a more perfect representation of what is in your head, rather than consider how we are going to perform songs live as a three-piece without any backing tapes, has been such a release,” said Gary Robertson.

Paul Ireland added: “That allowed us to work more as a group, rather than concentrate on our own instruments”.

The new album is simply called ‘Tracks’, consisting of an intro and outro version of new song, ‘Traces’ collate with the group’s 10 favourite tracks since their debut album ‘Out of Reach’ in 2013; and to celebrate their new found freedom to explore all possibilities, they asked Terry Lane to rework the lead single in whatever style he wished.  His re-imagining of the track is as far removed from the original as it is breath-taking in its behemoth drone monster-like production.

Unconventionally, the Traces [drone attack] remix weighs in at over 13 minutes.  The remix uses instrumentation from the original version while genetically engineering a hip hop beat to a slowly building, ever increasing wall of sound until it is unleashed like a wild pulsating sonic beast that gradually unravels before your ears, rolling forward into a space echoing experimental noise.

Traces [drone attack] will be released on 24th March as a digital download.  While the original versions of ‘Traces’ will be available on The Love Family’s second album, ‘Tracks’, which is scheduled for release on 12th May. Both will be available to buy from iTunes and Amazon and available to stream on Spotify.

For more information visit the official Love Family Facebook page.

Travis singer, Fran Healy joins petition opposing facility application to keep animals in small cages

Travis singer, Fran Healy joins PETA petition
Travis singer, Fran Healy joins PETA petition

Fran Healy, the lead singer of indie rock band Travis, is hopping mad following the submission of a planning application to build an intensive rabbit farm in his native Staffordshire. Healy joins over 17,000 locals and concerned members of the public who’ve signed a PETA petition urging the Stafford Borough Council to reject the application, which, if approved, would condemn countless rabbits to lives of misery. Campaigners warn that the proposed farm could also pave the way for fur farming to sneak through the back door, as it appears the farm would derive a substantial part of its profits from selling rabbits’ skins – despite fur farming being illegal in the UK.

“PETA, Fran Healy, and thousands of concerned citizens are urging the Council to see the light – something rabbits on factory farms seldom get to do – and reject this application”, says PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. “Rabbits raised on factory farms rarely, if ever, smell fresh air or feel the warmth of the sun on their backs before they’re sent off to slaughter.”

As PETA warns in its petition, the cages that the rabbits would be kept in appear to be only around 70 cm long and 40 cm high, meaning that the rabbits would be unable to stretch out, rear up on their hind legs, hop, dig, or carry out other natural behaviour. It’s also likely that they would be kept in individual barren cages without any enrichment or bedding, causing great distress for the highly social animals.

The proposed farm would probably also generate large quantities of environmental pollutants, such as manure and toxic chemicals, and the resulting contamination of water supplies could have a negative impact on wildlife. On a larger scale, the meat industry is among the main contributors of the greenhouse-gas emissions that cause climate change.

PETA’s letter to the Stafford Borough Council is available upon request. For more information, please visit

Whether exploring new music or enjoying online gaming…

I first got excited by the possibilities of the Internet in the mid-1990s.  Then, in its infancy it offered a world of possibilities.  For me, it has delivered.  A freedom of choice comes with consequences.  Whether exploring new music or enjoying online gaming, my advice is to always be cautious, especially where giving credit card and personal details.

Like cable TV that now beams 1,000s of channels into my home, rather than just the three I was brought up with, superfast broadband and the Internet has opened unfathomable new avenues of delivering music to a device of my choice.  Whether that be my mobile phone, laptop or Smart TV – the latter being a better listening device as it now includes a 300 watt speaker system and subwoofer.  But with this easy access and 24/7 availability comes less quality control.  That’s not to churn out the old adage of ‘music isn’t as good as it used to be’. That’s a separate argument.  For now, it’s suffice to say that there has always been good and bad music.  But it is true to say that, where there is a plethora of choice and a drop in quality control, it can be difficult and very time consuming to find what you are looking for, as much as the concern of cyber attacks and online fraud.

Equally, help and advice is needed to sought through the array of choices available across the Internet when it comes to entertainment  and games websites, especially when you are asked to give up your credit card details.  For example, the website rates online casino websites with a scoring system that highlights how trustworthy the site and company are.

By reviewing certificates, game play and testing each sites’ software including bonus offers and security issues, Top Online Casinos has selected five online casinos that all offer the following reassuring features:

  • A 100% safety & fair gaming policy
  • Guaranteed personal privacy & protection against cyber attack
  • Valuable information about responsible gaming
  • Candid reporting on the games payout
  • Legal security in case of disputes
  • Separate account for your money

By offering more transparency and quality control, regulated online betting sites offer a better deal than unscrupulous rogue online casinos who sometimes offer more than they deliver as part of an overall increase in online fraud. Unfair bonus rules and rigged games don’t make it easy for unexpected customers to appreciate they are being cheated.

The Internet gives me access to listen to music whenever I want, wherever I want and by whoever I want.  With this freedom to explore, gone are the reassurances of quality control, censorship and the confines of mainstream commercialism.  Similarly, with other entertainment such as online gaming and gambling, the opportunities are infinite.  But with this comes issues of risk, security and lack of quality control, and to some degree, legislation.

Outblinker – Pink/Blue, EP Review

Outblinker debut EP, Pink/Blue
Outblinker debut EP, Pink/Blue

Outblinker are doing something extraordinary with their debut EP, Pink/Blue. I can’t really think of many other bands doing at the moment, besides Fuck Buttons (who have connections to the band). They’ve created a sound that is truly mesmerising to listen to, and it will make you want to stand up and take notice.

EP Pink/Blue comprises of two eleven and twelve minute tracks packed full of pure instrumentation. The four-piece bring together sounds of electro, krautrock and new-wave to create their own unique blend experimental rock. And we cannot get enough of it.


‘Pink’ begins with a repetitive, mesmerising synth melody before some serious guitar distortion comes into the mix along with some pretty erratic drum beats. Together, these sounds create eleven minutes of organised mayhem that sounds good in all the right places. Second track ‘Blue’ comes across as the slightly less aggressive of the two, although it still manages to make its own mark, but with a more cinematic bent.


Whatever we say about this EP probably won’t do it justice, but we would urge you to go and check it out for yourself. If you’re a fan of Holy Fuck or Fuck Buttons then this is definitely going to be right up your street.

Outblinker – Pink/Blue EP Tracklisting:

1. Pink
2. Blue

Folk Americana album, Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean

Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean is released via Middle Of Nowhere Recordings
Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean

While it may be a little strange to release an album called ‘Winter Stay Autumn’ in the middle of the summer, Sorren Maclean manages to pull it off. Equipped with an effortless blend of indie Folk Americana, this clear voiced Celt has produced an album that could soundtrack any season.


There’s a bit of a backstory to the release, as it was originally written for 7 musicians to perform live at the Celtic Connections Festival (which we’d have paid good money to hear!), and Sorren Maclean has stripped back the arrangements and created an accessible and genuinely heartfelt collection of tracks.

Album opener, ‘Science Or Fiction’ pretty much sets the tone for the next nine tracks, with Sorren Maclean’s earthy guitar and voice, replete with a Fleetwood Mac-esque chorus of backing singers and musicians painting pictures of deserted, moonlit highways. ‘Rows & Rows of Boxes’ continues much in the same vein, but with a melancholy edge that really hits home.

Old Pier’ allows the music to take a backseat while Sorren’s emotive voice takes centre stage, backed only by piano and guitar, and the gorgeous ‘Way Back Home’, which is also the stand out title track from Sorren’s previous EP, takes a snapshot of a musician’s state of mind as he returns home after months on the road (something he can speak of from experience, having supported Idlewild on their most recent tour).

There’s a lot to like on this album, especially for anyone with a soft spot for delicate, yet powerful folk musings. If the Isle Of Mull is responsible for producing a musical export of this calibre, then we’d suggest be keeping a very close eye on the Inner Hebrides’ output in future.

Sorren Maclean
Sorren Maclean

Sorren Maclean – Winter Stay Autumn Tracklist:

1. Science or Fiction
2. Rows & Rows of Boxes
3. Aeroplane Leaving
4. Watch
5. Old Pier
6. Way Back Home
7. Bootlace Chases
8. Either Way
9. Winter Stay Autumn

Winter Stay Autumn by Sorren Maclean is released via Middle Of Nowhere Recordings.