A Scandinavian Outstanding ‘Ovation’

Ovation Live

Please be standing whilst I introduce this very talented Norweigian band ‘Ovation’.  The band members are Stian Sætermo Vocal, Guitar and Songwriting; Tony Andre Hansen Guitar and Backing Vocal; Raymond Hansen, Bass and Backing Vocal; Boss, Drums and Philip Moon on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal.  

Here is how Ovation describe themselves and their music.

A soft wind, blowing gently by your ears…Ovation has developed a unique pop sound which is based on a mix between country on one side to pop and rock on the other. Ovation makes everything from small productions with only a guitar, bass, perk, and vocal, to big productions with violins and symphonic blankets wrapped around a lot of vocal and backing vocal to form a majestic listening experience… so please go ahead and enjoy our music 😉

I was recently introduced to Ovation on Soundcloud and on hearing their pop rock track  ‘It’s OK’ I was immediately impressed by its uplifting lyrics, vocals, guitar riffs and bassline.


Ovation is a band based in Sandefjord and Østfold in Norway. The line up was made complete when Philip and Boss joined the band in 2007. Since then Ovation have played at live concerts around Skandinavia. Ovation is currently working on there new album, which title is still being discussed and will be released in October, so watch this space!

Ovation are inspired and influenced by many things; not only other bands, but like all other artists individual life experiences which then has an impact on their music. The track ‘Katharina’s Song’ is a beautiful example of how Ovation perform one of the most commonly shared human experiences often expressed in the musical arena.


Stian Saetermo and Producer Andreas Eide Larsen

Ovation as a collective have an eclectic choice of musical tastes. Here are some bands they like, but are not necessarily influenced by :Matchbox Twenty, Coldplay, The Jayhawkes, Bruce Springsteen,Keen, Muse, U2, Live, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Julian Casablancas, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and Queen.

Ovation are all big fans of music, but beside music they also have alternative interests. Just as an example, Tony Andre Hansen is one of the worlds best showjumpers and has participated in several world cup and euro cup show jumping competitions.

Buzzin Media wish ‘Ovation’ all the success they deserve and hope lady fortune shines down on them all to reward their hard work and determination.  Watch this space for the release of their album in October!

Ovation on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/naits79

Buzzin Media on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/buzzin-media



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